Bitget P2P Trading Guide for Purchasing USDT (app)

Dear Global Bitgetters,

If you need to buy Crypto in currency, follow the P2P Transaction Guide (App version):

1. Log in to the Bitget App. (Required to complete the KYC verification process)


2. Click the 'Buy Crypto' button on the first page of the app. 



3. Click the 'P2P trading' button below.


4. Click on the 'Buy' category located at the top.



5. Then select the Crypto and Fiat.


6. Select the Ad of P2P Merchant and click the 'Buy' button.


7. Enter the purchase amount (after checking the minimum or maximum amount).


8. Click the 'Buy USDT' button.


9. Select the 'Payment Method' supported by the seller and click the ‘Confirm Buy' button.


10. Pay within the transaction deadline and click the 'Next' button.

*How to open the chat window: Click the "Speech Balloon" button at the top right to open the chat window as follows.


11. Review your transaction history through the last pop-up window. (Make sure you paid the seller correctly. Malicious clicks may cause your account to freeze.)


12. Click the 'Paid' button to complete payment order verification.


13. Click 'Submit appeal' button if there is a problem in the process of P2P trading and you want to change the order. (Button is active after the displayed time)


14. Wait for the seller to release the coin.


15. Once the transaction is complete, you can Click ‘View assets’ button to go to your P2P account and check your assets.


Note: P2P transactions must complete KYC Verification. Click for a detailed tutorial on KYC Verification.



The use of Bitget P2P service and all information and other content included or accessible to Bitget P2P service is solely your responsibility. Bitget is simply an intermediary platform for buyers and sellers and is not responsible for any asset disputes between them, and all payments will be finalised upon completion unless otherwise required by law. Bitget P2P platform does not have the right or obligation to resolve disputes arising from payment completion. Neither the Bitget P2P platform nor the merchant shall be liable for any loss upon payment completion unless the merchant is fraudulent or misleading.



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