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Dear Global Bitgetters,


KCGI 2022: The Throne’s Calling is right around the corner. To celebrate this event, we are offering Deposit Rewards to our KCGI participants this year. Deposit to claim an extra 5% as trial funds now!


[Deposit Rewards]


1. Schedule for KCGI 2022: The Throne’s Calling

Registration period: May 9, 10 AM (UTC +8) to May 20, 10 AM (UTC +8) 

Extended period: May 20, 10 AM (UTC +8) to May 24, 10 AM (UTC +8) 

Competition period: May 20, 10 AM (UTC +8) to June 10, 10 AM (UTC +8)


 2. Eligibility

Participants with a cumulative trading volume of no less than 100,000 USDT during the competition period can claim 5% of their net deposit made within the period in the form of trial fund (limited to first 1000 entries, up to 100 USDT each).


3. Details

  1.  Rewards are distributed on a first-come, first serve basis.
  2.  Trial funds can be used directly for futures trading, or to offset trading fees/losses/funding fees.
  3.  The Deposit Rewards will be issued at the end of the competition.


For more information about KCGI 2022: The Throne’s Calling, please visit: https://www.bitget.com/en/kcgi/spring/2022

Bitget Team

May 19, 2022


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