Easter Hunting -$80,000 Prize Pool BOT, ZBC, KNOT, KYOKO Airdrop

Dear Global Bitgetters,


To celebrate Easter on April 17th, we will be launching an Easter Hunting Celebration to give away a $BOT, $ZBC, $KNOT, $KYOKO reward pool worth $80,000 to qualified Bitget users!

Event period: 10:00:00 on April 17, 2022 to 10:00:00 on April 30, 2022 (UTC)

Event 1: Net Deposit Campaign, Win a share of  $50,000 Easter Egg

During the campaign period,
1) users who have a net deposit amount (deposits - withdrawals) of at least $1000 BOT will earn an BOT Easter Egg worth $20
2) users who have a net deposit amount (deposits - withdrawals) of at least $1000 ZBC will earn an ZBC Easter Egg worth $20
3) users who have a net deposit amount (deposits - withdrawals) of at least $1000 KNOT will earn an KNOT Easter Egg worth $20
4) users who have a net deposit amount (deposits - withdrawals) of at least $1000 KYOKO will earn an KYOKO Easter Egg worth $20
5) users who have collect 4 different Easter eggs would be rewarded with a additional special Easter Egg valued $50

*The net deposit amount will be calculated during the whole event period(10:00:00 on April 17, 2022 to 10:00:00 on April 30, 2022 (UTC)
* $50,000 prize pool limited, first come, first served


Event 2: Trading Competition, Win a Share of Easter Prize Pool Worth $20,000!

Users who have a trading amount (buys + sells) of at least $1,000 $BOT, $ZBC, $KNOT, $KYOKO on Bitget will win a share of an Easter prize pool worth $20,000!

*The reward for the qualified users = (Each user’s total trading volume/ total trading volume) * $20,000 in $BOT, $ZBC, $KNOT, $KYOKO


Event 3: Easter Egg Hunting on Social Media, $10000U in $BOT, $ZBC, $KNOT, $KYOKO to Give Away

Airdrop Tasks:

✅ Follow @bitgetglobal on Twitter;

✅ Retweet and tag 3 friends;

✅Join official Telegram group:https://t.me/bitgetEN

✅ Share your trading record in Twitter reply or Telegram group (Optional for extra bonus)

✅ Fill in all the required information to get your rewards: https://forms.gle/ogAStWjCKnoqPsGW8

1000 lucky winners will be selected to receive $10 in $BOT, $ZBC, $KNOT or $KYOKO !


Event 4:Launchpad Ticket Lucky Draw 

Bitget will run a lucky draw for users who have a trading amount (buys + sells) that reaches $5000 or more

Bitget  will randomly choose 100 lucky users. Each will receive 1 Launchpad Ticket.



Bot Planet ($BOT) is a multichain ecosystem built under the UX of an NFT-based Play-To-Earn game. Unique wallet with a built-in NFT Marketplace, DEX, seasonal NFT and Token AirDrops & game-based Multifunctional messenger.

Click here for more information.

Bot Planet ($BOT)  


Zebec Protocol ($ZBC) is a continuous Settlement Protocol that will transform payroll, cash flow, and token vesting by allowing users to send payments and distributions every second. They're launching the world’s first on-chain payroll product with full tax withholding built-in and the first debit card for Solana wallets, and have raised US$21 million from industry titans like Distributed Global, Coinbase, Solana Ventures, Lightspeed, Alameda, Republic, Resolute, GreenOaks, GoldenTree, DST Global, etc. 

Click here for more information.

Zebec Protocol ($ZBC)


KARMAVERSE ($KNOT) is composed of GameFi and SocialFi elements and built on blockchain technology.

Karmaverse is a gamefi multiverse, containing multiple metaverses such as Karmaverse Zombie, Fantasy World, Old West, Cyberpunk and others. It is created by the team behind two of the top 10 SLG games in mobile gaming history. Karmaverse is launching the first large scale blockchain SLG game with a combination of play-to-earn and play-for-fun in the game world - Karmaverse Zombie.

Click here for more information.



Kyoko ($KYOKO) is a DAO-to-DAO credit provider, P2P NFT lending platform, and cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players. Kyoko brings credit to the blockchain and provides financial support for DAOs through the industry’s first DAO-to-DAO lending protocol.

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Kyoko ($KYOKO)



Bitget Team

April 17, 2022


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