Bitget Launches “Super Fans” Salary Program Featuring US$3,000 in BGB Salary Pool!

Dear Global Bitgetters,


You may have heard the rumours… and you heard right! We are indeed launching a Super Fans Salary Program featuring a US$3,000 BGB Salary Pool exclusive for Bitget lovers! Become a part of the Bitget team to help us reach others like you.


Campaign Period: April 11 to April 25, 2022


What do I get for becoming a Bitget Super Fan?

- US$100 in BGB every month

- Exclusive access to Super Fans-only Telegram Group for insider news, such as the latest product launches and events

- Perks like occasional project token airdrops

- Opportunities to share your ideas with the Bitget team


What do I need to do as a Bitget Super Fan?

- Be proud to be a part of the Bitget team

- Communicate and hype up the community as a key opinion leader 

- Produce a certain amount of Bitget-related content daily including memes, articles and videos

- Transform Bitget-provided content to suit your local language and community, and publish across your social media channels

- Participate in other Bitget tasks, such as hosting community activities, or guiding, educating and onboarding users


How to Join?

We will select 20 Super Fans to receive US$100 in BGB every month. We will also pick a few lucky winners to share an extra US$1000 in BGB Salary Pool among our 20 Super Fans.  

Click here to be a Bitget Super Fan today.  


Bitget Team

April 14, 2022


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