Bitget P2P Merchant Management Guideline

Dear Global Bitgetters,


To provide a standard process for merchants on our platform, we are publishing this Bitget P2P Merchant Management Guideline. The specific provisions are as follows.


I. Merchant Application

1. To become a merchant, you need to

1) complete KYC verification

2) have a certain amount of USDT in the account as deposit for becoming a merchant

3) have at least one year’s experience as a merchant on other platforms and provide such proofs.


Note: If you are an eligible applicant, we will review your information. Once approved, you will be notified through SMS and Email. At the same time, you can also check the review result by emailing  [email protected].


2. How to apply

You can apply by clicking this link: https://forms.gle/1aoS5yBRBzw85KaT9


II. Merchant Removal

To provide a more secure and comfortable trading environment and improve the overall quality of merchants on the platform, Bitget adopts a merchant removal mechanism. You will be removed if:

1) you collect extra fees or commissions in any forms from any users; or

2) you trade with users outside of the Bitget platform; or

3) you leak user’s personal information, such as name, payment and contact information; or

4) you make one payment not in your real name; or

5) you provide illegit payment account that cause the counterparty’s account to be frozen; or

6) there is reasonable evidence that you have directly participated or assisted in money laundry; or

7) you trade frequently with others at an unusual price, which triggers risk control measures of the platform; or

8) there is reasonable evidence that you have assisted others or used another account to earn benefits or otherwise detriment the interest of the platform; or

9) there is reasonable evidence that you have maliciously manipulated the price together with other merchants; or 

10) you provide false supporting materials to customer support when the platform intervenes in an order dispute; or

11) there is evidence that you have been complained or have performed other malicious acts on other P2P platforms; or

12) you do not show respect to other users or staff on the platform, use offensive language or engage in inappropriate behaviors, and have not stopped doing so after the intervention of customer support, negatively impacting the brand image of Bitget.


If you have any questions regarding P2P, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected] 


Thank you for your attention and support! We will continue to provide you with better products and services!

Bitget Team


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