Bitget Futures: Fee Schedule and Calculation

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Bitget Futures: Fee Schedule and Calculation


I. Description

Futures fee is the transaction fee charged when you place an order during a transaction. The fee schedule varies depending on types of transactions. Please find the latest rate on Bitget's official announcement or fee page (https://www.bitget.com/en/rate?tab=1).


Bitget's revenue mainly comes from the transaction fee charged from users, including futures fee and spot fee. This announcement will explain what is futures fee and how it is calculated.


II. About futures fee

The futures fee is calculated based on a simple formula that depends primarily on the type of product being traded and whether the trader is a Maker or a Taker. 


Maker: When you place an order at a specific price that goes on the order book and waits for others to fulfill the order instead of trading immediately against other orders in the order book,such trades are called "Maker".


Taker: When your buying price is ≥ ask price 1, or your selling price is ≤ bid price1, such orders will be fulfilled immediately. These trades are "taking" volume off of the order book, and therefore called the "taker."


III. How to calculate futures fee? 

Futures fee formula:

Transaction fee

= (number of contracts x price) x fee rate

= Order value x fee rate

 *Note: Order value = number of contracts x price



Trader A purchases 1 BTCUSDT futures contract with a market order. Trader B sells 1 BTCUSDT futures contract with a limit order. If the transaction price is 40,000 USDT:

Taker fee of Trader A = 1 × 40,000 × 0.06% = 24 USDT

Maker fee of Trader B = 1 × 40,000 × 0.02% = 8 USDT


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