Bitget Launches First Session of Launchpad featuring Contents Shopper Token (CST)

Bitget Global Users,


Bitget is thrilled to announce the first-ever Launchpad, jointly launched with BitKeep. Launchpad is a new platform introduced by Bitget for launching projects and rewards. Users can participate by holding assets or trading to win featured project token rewards. 


Featuring Project – Contents Shopper Token (CST)

Contents Shopper Token is an intellectual property management and transaction platform that can be used worldwide with just one disclosure. In particular, the know-how of professional traders is made into NFT so that people can use it for quantitative transactions.

Click here to visit CST’s official website.


Launchpad Overview: 

- Total Rewards: 2,000,000 CST

- Launchpad Rewards: 1,900,000 CST | 1,000 CST per winning ticket

- Total Honor Award: 100,000 CST | Capped at 2,000 CST per user


Step 1: Registration

Registration will be open from January 10, 08:00 to January 12, 08:00 (UTC). Registered users are eligible to participate in the lottery draw to win featured project token rewards. 


Step 2: How to Claim Tickets?

Hold & Claim

Rules: Registered users can hold assets and win lottery tickets from January 10, 08:00 to January 12, 08:00 (UTC) based on their daily average holding amounts. A snapshot of users’ assets (Spot and Futures account) will be taken each day at a random timing to calculate the daily average holdings. 


* Daily Average Holdings = Sum of daily holdings during the Launchpad period ÷ 2 (The day count of the Launchpad period)

** Users can view their Holding Amount via visiting [Assets] on the Bitget Website or App and look for [Total asset value (USDT)]


Trading Bonus

Rules: Users that have obtained tickets from Hold & Claim can trade on Spot or Futures from January 10, 08:00 to January 12, 08:00 (UTC) to win bonus tickets according to users’ total trading volume.


*Users must obtain at least 1 ticket from the ‘Hold & Claim’ session to participate in the ‘Trading Bonus’ session.


Step 3: Tickets Distribution

The platform will calculate the total number of tickets acquired based on users’ daily average holdings and trading volume to issue the lottery tickets on January 12, 10:00 (UTC).


Step 4: Lottery Draw and Release of Result

The platform will announce the winning tickets of the lottery draw on January 12, 10:00 (UTC). Users may check the result by visiting the Launchpad interface and clicking on [View Result].  


Step 5: Honor Award

After the result announcement, participants with no winning tickets can share the Honor Award proportionally based on the number of tickets they hold during the event. The reward is capped at 2,000 CST tokens per user.

For example, User A has 10 tickets and did not win the lottery. There are a total of 5,000 failed tickets during the event. User A can receive 1/500 from the Honor Award.


Step 6: Reward Distribution

Project tokens will be airdropped to winning users according to the draw result before trading starts. Each winning ticket contains 1,000 CST. Users with no winning tickets will share the Honor Award proportionally based on the number of tickets they hold during the event. 


CST/USDT Trading Information

Deposit & Withdrawal: Activated

Trading: January 13, 08:00 (UTC)



1. Your Daily Holding Amount will automatically be calculated with your Spot and Futures account from your first day of registration.

For example, if the total Launchpad duration is 3 days and User A has registered for the Launchpad on the second day. User A holds assets worth 5,000 USDT on the first day; 6,000 USDT on the second day; and 4,000 USDT on the third day. The Daily Average Holdings will be calculated with (6,000 USDT + 4,000 USDT) ÷ 3 days = 3,333 USDT.

2. The system will calculate each participant’s asset according to the daily snapshot. 

3. Snapshot will be taken at a random timing each day. Withdrawals during the event may affect your Daily Average Holdings and decrease in lottery tickets.

4. Participants must complete Identity Verification (KYC) to be eligible for the event. 

5. Bitget reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be illegally bulk registered accounts.

6. Bitget reserves the final interpretation right of the event.  


For more information regarding Bitget Launchpad, feel free to visit [Bitget Launchpad - FAQ] to learn more. 



Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their own research and invest at their own risk.


Bitget Team

January 5, 2022


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