Metaverse Zone Trading Competition: Participate to Earn SAND and Win iPhone13 Pro!

EN.pngBitget Global Users,

Do you know what the most-talked-about topic of this year is? Yes, it is Metaverse, "the next generation of the Internet" in the eyes of Facebook CEO Zuckerberg. Now, this hottest concept has come to Bitget in the form of a Metaverse Zone where we have been listing multiple new coins and are going to host a trading competition. During the activity, users who engage in spot trading with any of the coins listed in the Metaverse Zone will have the opportunity to earn SAND and win an iPhone13 Pro. The detailed arrangements are as follows.


Period: December 14, 2021 - December 21, 2021 (UTC+8)


Excel in the Metaverse Zone to earn luxurious gifts

During the competition, users engaged in spot trading in the Metaverse Zone will be ranked by total valid trading volume (buying+selling, excluding wash trade). Top10 users will receive the Metaverse coin SAND or Futures trial fund. The No.1 winner will receive an iPhone13 Pro (or an equivalent amount of SAND)!




Trade in the Metaverse Zone for a universal chance to win rewards

During the competition, Users whose total valid trading volume reaches a minimum of 200 USDT will get their full transaction fees back after the end of the event by providing their UIDs and can receive a maximum of 50 USDT Futures trial fund per person.   

Click the link to submit UID:



  1. Top10 users need to complete KYC before the end of the competition;
  2. Total valid trading volume: the total volume of spot buying and selling, excluding wash trades;
  3. The rewards will be distributed or mailed within 7 working days after the winner list is released;
  4. SAND will be distributed to the spot account where it can be directly withdrawn. Please claim your rewards in "My asset";
  5. Futures trial fund will be distributed to "Rewards Center", please claim them after distribution. If you do not know how to use them,  please refer to How to Use Futures Trial Fund;
  6. For the delivery of physical prizes (iPhone13 Pro in this case) , please contact online Customer Support for more details;
  7. Any participant involved in wash trades, matched orders, multiple-accounts operations or self trades will be disqualified;
  8. Users participating with the same IP address will be considered invalid;
  9. API users will not be able to participate in this event;
  10. Bitget reserves the right to explain the activity and deal with any cheating behavior of participants.
  11. Users from certain countries or regions, such as Singapore, China, Cuba and Iran, are unable to participate in the competition due to local compliance requirements. The platform reserves the right to block or freeze the account of any user who bypasses the platform's restrictions through technical means, once discovered.



Bitget team

December 13, 2021.


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