[Lords Assembly]Introduction to Lords Assembly of the First King's Cup Global Invitational(KCGI)

Bitget Global Users,

To engage more new and existing users, KCGI set up an additional session of "Lords Assembly" to reward captains who acquire new users and successful individual applicants.

Lords Assembly means by acquiring new users during team-up, teams can unlock a BGB prize pool of up to 1 million BGB. The rewards for the top team will be doubled. The Top10 captains in terms of acquiring new users will get an exclusive "Sign-up" benefit package from Bitget. Detailed arrangement is as follows.


Lords Assembly

1.How to Win

During the registration period, lords (Captains) of the team will unlock the BGB rewards pool if they can acquire active users (new users who deposit no less than 500 USDT with a total trading volume of no less than 50,000 USDT).


2.Lords Assembly Prize Pool and Rewards

(1)The prize pool will be shared by captains and team members according to the following rules:


(2)The rewards for the TOP team will be doubled.

(3)The amount of BGB will be limited to 1 million, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis according to the user's registration time.The locked BGB rewards will be released over three months;

(4)Within each division, the Top10 captains in terms of acquiring new users will get an exclusive "Sign-up" benefit package from Bitget.
   A) Top media exposure / video promotion,

   B) The co-ambassadors of Bitget's next trading competition.

   C) 60,000 BGB bonus each for being signed (will be released over three months).

(5)Captains whose team has been disbanded due to creation failure will not be qualified to participate in Lords Assembly.


Please note: Users from certain countries or regions, such as Singapore, China, Cuba and Iran, are unable to participate in the competition due to local compliance requirements. The platform reserves the right to block or freeze the account of any user who bypasses the platform's restrictions through technical means, once discovered.


Schedule of KCGI

Registration Period: 2021/10/20 10:00am - 2021/11/4 10:00am (UTC+8)

Competition Period: 2021/10/30 10:00am - 2021/11/20 10:00am (UTC+8)


For more information about King's Cup Global Invitational, please visit: 【Important】 Bitget to Kick Off its First King's Cup Global Invitational



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September 29, 2021.


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