[Individual Competition] Introduction to Super Leaders and Super Heroes of the First King's Cup Global Invitational

Bitget Global Users,

Individual Competition is divided into Super Leaders (by PNL%) and Super Heroes(by profits) sessions. The total prize pool is up to 50 BTC and will be shared by the top 10 participants with the highest PNL% and profits respectively. There will also be DJI drones, HHKB keyboards, among other cool gifts.


[Individual Competition] — Super Leaders and Super Heroes

1. Schedule

Registration Period: 2021/10/20 10:00am - 2021/11/4 10:00am (UTC+8)

Competition Period: 2021/10/30 10:00am - 2021/11/20 10:00am (UTC+8)


2. Requirements

The applicant need to hold at least [300 USDT] equivalent in futures at time of application.


3. Eligible Futures

Unified Futures.


4. How to Win

During the competition period, individuals with a total trading volume of no less than 80,000 USDT will be qualified to share the rewards pool.


5. Individual Competition Rewards Pool and Prizes

The individual competition is divided into Super Leader (PNL%) and Super Hero (Profits). The rewards pool will depend on the number of participants, with a maximum pool of 50 BTC.

(1) Number of participants and its corresponding rewards pools.


(2) 3 HHKB keyboards

(3) 3 DJI Drones


6.How to Split

(1) Top10 participants by PNL% will share 30% of the rewards, Top 10 participants by Profits will share the remaining 70%.

(2) Top10 participants by PNL%:



(3) Top10 participants by profits:


(4) Top3 traders by PNL% will each receive a HHKB keyboard.

(5) Top3 traders by Profits will each receive a DJI drone.


7. Detailed Description

(1) Only individual/team participants with positive PNL% and profits are qualified to claim the rewards & prizes according to their rankings;

(2) For participants with the same profits or PNL%, the one with higher trading volume will win;

(3) PNL% = profits / (initial net value+ total deposit)*100%. All calculations are limited to futures accounts;

(4) Profits = 【Account equity (including unsettled PNL)-initial net value (including unsettled PNL)+withdrawal during the competition-deposit during the competition-trail fund】, all calculations are limited to futures accounts;

(5) Participants can claim PNL% rewards and Profits rewards at the same time, if qualified;

(6) The Territory Battle and Individual Competition are two separate games with separate rewards pools. Winners of Individual Competition can also claim rewards for Territory Battle if qualified;

(7) All copy trade related profits (regardless of Trader or Copier) during the competition will not be calculated.


8. Disclaimer

(1) Any participant involved in wash trades, matched orders, multiple-accounts operations or self trades will be disqualified;

(2) Any participant using the same trading strategy with others will be disqualified;

(3) Users who open and cancel orders frequently within one minute will be disqualified;

(4) If multiple accounts operations are detected under a single IP address, all the users on the address will be disqualified;

(5) Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of the competition rule;

(6) Users from certain countries or regions, such as Singapore, China, Cuba and Iran, are unable to participate in the competition due to local compliance requirements. The platform reserves the right to block or freeze the account of any user who bypasses the platform's restrictions through technical means, once discovered.


9. Rewards Distribution

Rewards will be distributed to Bitget accounts within 10 days after the competition ends and can be withdrawn directly. Non-token prizes will be distributed through our customer service.


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【Important】 Bitget to Kick Off its First King's Cup Global Invitational



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