【Important】 Bitget to Kick Off its First King's Cup Global Invitational

Bitget Global Users:

With the rapid development of its global business, Bitget is about to launch its first King's Cup Global Invitational (KCGI). The trading competition aims to attract more global users, and increase its brand power and impact within the derivatives segment. The invitation is intended for all traders to win digital treasures!


KCGI is an important global event held by Bitget on an annual basis.


The theme for this year's competition is "Defend the Earth against Pixel Invasion". The story is set in an era of Etheric civilization with advanced blockchain technology, where a quantum civilization six light-years away plans to launch an attack on Earth in search of a better living environment.

In that era, the most sophisticated weapon of quantum civilization could rapidly transform entities into pixels once an entity comes into contact with pixel particles.

The human race has no other choice but to defend their homeland. An anti-pixel coalition comprising physicists, race car drivers, gaming masters, and ex-soldiers is established to fight against quantum civilization under the command of the coalition leaders.


The competition includes Team Battle and Individual Competition, with a total prize pool of up to 100 BTC. To encourage more regular and new users, there are also additional events such as City Assembly, Lords Assembly, Airdrop for All, Lucky Lottery, Post-Competition Bonus and Early Bird Benefits, offering a total of 5 million BGB, a full range of cool electrical devices, and NFT rewards. Join us and you will have the chance to win!


I. Schedule

Registration Period: 2021/10/20 10:00am - 2021/11/4 10:00am (UTC+8)

Competition Period: 2021/10/30 10:00am - 2021/11/20 10:00am (UTC+8)

*【Early Bird Benefits】Captains who sign up and complete their team formation 5 days before the competition will receive 50 USDT trial funds for futures prior to the contest, While Individuals who sign up 5 days before the competition will receive 20 USDT.


II.【Team Battle】 Territory Battle

The total prize pool of Team Battle is up to 50 BTC, which will be divided among the ten teams with the highest profits. Among them, the top 7 team captains in terms of revenue can also get customized NFT featuring [Silicon/Gold/Earth/Wind/Water/Fire/Thunder] element, and more PS5 game consoles. During the registration stage, eligible users can pick their favorite captain and teammates to fight side by side to earn and win through unified futures trading.


III. 【Individual Competition】 Super Leaders and Super Heroes

Individual Competition is divided into Super Leaders ( Ranking by PNL%) and Super Heroes( Ranking by profits) sessions. The total prize pool is up to 50 BTC and will be shared by the top 10 participants with the highest PNL% and profits respectively. There will also be DJI drones, HHKB keyboards and many other cool gifts for you to win.


IV. Additional Events

【City Assembly Competition】

For the division with the most winning seats in Territory Battle, all the participants within the division will receive an airdrop of 50 BGB on a first-come, first-served basis. The total supply for the airdrop is 500,000 BGB.


【Lords Assembly】

Lords (Captains) of the team will unlock the BGB rewards pool if they can obtain effective users. The Top1 team's rewards pool will be doubled. Within each division, the Top10 captains in terms of obtaining new users will get an exclusive benefit package from Bitget to be "signed".


【Airdrop for All】

Participants whose total trading volume reaches 100,000 USDT during the competition will receive an airdrop of 99 BGB by following our official Twitter and joining our Telegram. The total supply of the airdrop is 1 million BGB.


【Lucky Lottery】

Earn points by completing tasks. For every 3 points accumulated, you can participate in a lucky draw for Meebits NFT, HTC-VIVE VR eyeglasses, DJI drones, PS5 game consoles, HHKB keyboards, Sony-Sennheiser headphones, themed T-shirt, themed NFTs, Meebits NFTs featuring customized pixel persons, car mugs and themed gift boxes.


【Post-Competition Bonus】

At the end of the competition, participants who have a net deposit of 2000 USDT and a cumulative trading volume of no less than 500,000 USDT during the contest will receive one chance to draw an exclusive NFT custom-made for Bitget's first trading competition.


Notice: Users from certain countries or regions, such as Singapore, China, Cuba and Iran, are unable to participate in the competition due to local compliance requirements. The platform reserves the right to block or freeze the account of any user who bypasses the platform's restrictions through technical means, once discovered.


More details:

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【Post-Competition Bonus】Introduction to Additional Sessions of the First King's Cup Global Invitational(KCGI)


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September 23, 2021.


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