Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures : Leverage and Risk Management

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The following text is about Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures Leverage and Risk Management

In order to avoid market manipulation, Bitget uses marked prices for forced liquidation. Leverage and risk will be measured according to the user's total position risk in a certain margin currency. For details:


Forced liquidation of cross margin mode

Cross margin mode account equity (excluding isolated margin and unrealized profit and loss of isolated margin mode)

Maintenance margin = maintenance margin rate * position value (hedge positions are calculated based on positions with large equity)


Forced liquidation of isolated margin mode

Margin of isolated margin mode + unrealized profit and loss

In order to minimize the user's losses due to liquidation and maintain positions, Bitget uses a method of gradually deleveraging for risk management.

When a risk occurs, take the following actions:

1) Canceling the order, the isolated margin mode only cancels the opening and closing orders of this transaction for this position; all the orders for opening and closing positions in cross margin mode will be cancelled (including the part of the order for opening and closing positions by isolated margin mode)

2) Netting, remove the hedge position order of all trading pairs (isolated margin mode not included)

3) Deleverage, according to the position tier, reduce 2 tiers each time (isolated margin mode not included)

4) When the position is liquidated, the remaining positions will be put flash orders in market (isolated margin mode not included)

Note: After the risk process is triggered, your transaction will be temporarily taken over by the risk control engine, and your liquidation transaction price will not be reflected in the transaction record or candlestick. Once in the risk treatment process, other operations are prohibited until the treatment is completed.


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