PoS Staking User Agreement

  1. Bitget PoS Staking is a blockchain-enabled digital asset staking service for users of Bitget.com.
  2. You agree to unconditionally accept all terms and conditions of Bitget.com and Q&A when using Bitget PoS Staking and authorize Bitget.com to distribute earnings in accordance with the platform rules.
2.1 You agree that the platform will charge 5% of your total revenue as a service fee;
2.2 Redemption: If you started staking on day D, standard redemption can be initiated at D+1 day. There is a redemption period of 21 days for each node. After the redemption period, the staked tokens and interest after deducting service fees will be distributed to your spot account. No income is generated during the redemption period;
2.3 Express Redemption: If you started staking on day D, Express Redemption can be initiated at D+7 days. Staked tokens and interest will be issued to your spot account within 10 minutes, and the platform will deduct an additional 10% of the income as a service fee. (There is a daily limit for Express Redemption. The actual limit is to be determined by Bitget and updated from time to time. If the Redemption exceeds the limit, Express Redemption can only be conducted the next day).
  1. Once you start using Bitget PoS Staking, you agree to Bitget's reasonable allocation and delivery of interest in accordance with the platform rules.
  2. When using Bitget PoS Staking, you fully understand the risks of cryptocurrency investments and agree to act cautiously. You agree that all investment decisions on Bitget.com represent your true investment intentions, and you unconditionally accept your investment decisions' latent risks and benefits.
  3. When using Bitget PoS Staking, you should comply with national or regional laws and regulations and ensure your assets are legally compliant.
  4. When using Bitget PoS Staking, you should fully understand the risks of investing in blockchain-enabled digital assets and understand your own risk appetite for investments.
  5. Bitget reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Bitget PoS Staking service at its sole discretion.
  6. Bitget reserves the right to modify this agreement occasionally and disclose such modifications by posting them on the official website without notice. If you continue to use Bitget PoS Staking, you accept and agree to be bound by any and all revised agreements.
  7. Delays, suspensions, terminations, or deviations in Bitget PoS Staking may occur due to network delays, computer system failure, or other force majeure reasons. Bitget will attempt, but cannot guarantee, to maintain a stable and effective service system for PoS Staking. Bitget is not responsible for any unexpected service results caused by the above reasons.
  8. This user agreement may be interpreted in different languages. If there is any inconsistency, the Chinese (Simplified) version shall prevail.
As a user, I have read and agreed to the Bitget Staking User Agreement and agree to use the Bitget Staking Service. I agree to the website's Terms of Use Agreement and Risk Disclosure statement. I acknowledge and accept the risks involved in using Bitget PoS Staking.
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