Bitget Copy Trading: Intervals Required in Position Opening

Global Bitgetters,
Bitget is now imposing an interval requirement on trader position openings. If a trader places many consecutive orders within two seconds, the trader's followers will only copy the first position opened. The other orders will not be followed.
For example:
Before: If a trader placed many orders within 5 seconds, the followers only copied the first order.
Now: If a trader places many orders within 2 seconds, the followers only copy the first order.
To avoid a failure to copy, we strongly advise that traders not place consecutive orders in a short period of time.
Cryptocurrencies are subject to high risk. Investors should be cautious when making investment decisions. Bitget offers a carefully selected collection of cryptocurrency, but shall not be liable for any investment losses. Digital asset-based futures trading is an innovative product that involves risks and requires investors to do their own research. You should consider your investment experience and make informed investment decisions.