You trade. We cover your loss! 100,000BGB up for grabs

Global Bitgetters,
Worry-free copy trading is back to protect you!
Enjoy loss protection on your first time trade through Copy Trading! Up to 500 BGB equivalent covered for you! Take this chance and have Bitget shields for you!
Prize Pool: 100,000 BGB
Campaign period: 16th January 12:00 - 25th January 2023 24:00 UTC+8
Click join now to participate in the campaign. Start Copy Trading Now Come on! 100,000 BGB is ready for you.
Bitget Copy Trading Instruction:

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Terms and Conditions:
1.Users must click Join now successfully into this campaign in order to enjoy the protection.
2.Only the first time trading through Copy Trading of each account will be covered.
Up to 500 BGB equivalent of lost in first time trade through Copy Trading will be covered per person. We will distribute rewards according to proportion of liquidation on copy trading among all the participating users. Any loss after exceeding 500 BGB equivalent will not be eligible for lost protection.
3.All rewards will be given based on a first come first served basis. Total of 100,000 BGB will be used to protect first time copy trading users.
4.All rewards will be given within 10 business days after the campaign ends.
5.Any malicious behaviour such as registering multiple accounts with the same IP address will make you ineligible for rewards.
6.Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of this event without additional notice. If any malicious behaviour or exploitation of the platform vulnerability is detected, Bitget reserves the right to handle the user's account and assets.
7.Users must register successfully into this campaign in order to enjoy the protection.
Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk.