Crash Course Recap - Bitget English Official Telegram Group

Global Bitgetters,

We are thrilled to announce that the Bitget global Telegram group has been upgraded successfully! The crash course has also been launched in Bitget English Official Telegram Group. Here is the recapture for you!

💎 Background

Yes, you may feel a little lost. I'm sure you've all seen the changes in our Telegram community recently, and we hope to present you with a clearer, more interesting and more helpful community.

In fact, how to give our Telegram community members a better experience and service is a problem that we continue to think about and optimize.

As you know, Telegram was actually a poor social product in terms of functional experience at the very beginning, but it goes without saying that it provides good encrypted communication.

I believe most of you must have had such an experience. Every day, there will be various types of announcements, bot messages and spamming messages from any Telegram community, and a large number of these messages are flooded in one chat window, which brings different degrees of distress to users with different needs, and even disturbances to some extent.

Considering the diverse needs of community members, managing a community of more than 100,000 people is actually a challenging task, and it is not enough with only Bitget community admin's strength. Therefore, we hoped to give the community a better centripetal force, and attempted to make the community operate in a more organized way through decentralized management. However, since we were unable to divide content sections and designated Moderators before, this brought little bit challenges to our work.

The industry community has a status quo that there are probably these kinds of users in the community, real loyal product users, non-loyal users who may leave at any time. How to distinguish the identities of these different batches of members in the community, give those loyal users enough respect and make the community continue to actively develop? It also requires our staff engaged in community operations to think and solve the problem.

In order to solve the above problems, we have continuously tested various tools, but they have not been able to solve our demands well. The most fundamental thing is the functional limitations of Telegram itself.

It is worth mentioning that on November 6, 2022, Telegram finally launched an exciting feature - Topics, and our Bitget community team was undoubtedly excited and realized that this feature would bring real possibilities to our Telegram community service reform.

So we conducted a lot of tests in November, and our community operations team also actively participated in the product test feedback in the early stage of Telegram Topics, but after testing, we found that there are still many problems with Telegram's new feature Topics, such as not being able to integrate well with some bot tools, which led us to not be able to implement our plan earlier.

Later, it was not until Telegram made some corrections on this basis that we confirmed that the current version could meet our basic needs. So we quickly designed a decentralized community scheme and put it into reality.

💎 What have we prepared before?

The first thing we did was to integrate our community structure. To this end, we created a lot of Topics channels in order to achieve the purpose of diverting content and different types of users.

Secondly, that is our newly released Community Points System 1.0. With this set of points system, it will bring more vitality and playability to our community. User identities at different levels will be completely different. We will conduct differentiated operations for users of different points levels, and focus the benefits of the community on those users with the highest loyalty.

Next, let me introduce our new community.

💎 If you feel confused about our new group system and don’t know what you can do on each channel. Don’t worry! Here we will clarify for you one by one.

1. #General
#General channel is for daily service notification. You can also chat daily here.

2. #Chat Room
On #Chat Room channel, you can chat daily here! We also have Bitget Coin Monitor Bot Reports here.

3. #Welcome
This is the #Welcome channel for newbies' self-introduction! Introduce yourself to the friends in our community. We believe you will meet more friends in the Bitget community. From now on, you can be the most popular fresh blood!

And I must emphasize that you need to say something with #Introduction, only in this way can you earn reps.

4. #Daily Check-In
On this channel, you can earn reputation points by Check-In every day!

And I must emphasize that you need to say something with #CheckIn, only in this way can you earn reps.

5. #AMA
Just like the name of this channel, Bitget will regularly invite project parties and KOLs to hold AMAs together. This is a shining stage for projects and KOLs, and it is also a channel for community members to obtain professional crypto knowledge and rich rewards!

6. #Events
All ongoing events are announced on this channel! Besides, our admin will host a variety of Rep Games for you to participate in and earn rep points.

7. #Help Centre
On this channel, whenever you have questions about Bitget events or encounter any product problems, please submit tickets according to the rules below. We will help you to deal with the problems as soon as possible and solve the progress synchronously.

You need to submit tickets in the following format.

✅ Questions about Bitget events.
Event Title:Bitget Cosmos Realm ($50,000)
Event link:https://bitget.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/11951590994457
User's UID:6198874312
Questions:Are cosmos trading event rewards distributed?

✅ Problems with Bitget product.


User's UID:6198874312

Trading Pair: BTC/USDT

Date/Time of trade affected: 2022-12-21 UTC+7
Issues described in detail: XXXXX

8. #Rep Question

On this channel, if you have any questions about the community section, rep point rules, product or even investment advice, you can ask for help by giving rep points bounty. Meanwhile, if you want to get more rep points and are warm-hearted to help others, you can answer other members' questions here. Your reputation is built from here.

💎 What are the levels and roles in the Reputation System? What are the thresholds for reaching these roles?

Your reputation points will distinguish you among all members. In total, we have 13 roles according to the rep levels.

Different role images will be shown when you level up. (Under designing currently, which will definitely amaze you when it launches!)

For example, if your reps role were Droid, your role image will show like a semi-mechanical human with a mechanized arm and a normal battery backpack. As your roles level up, you'll even become a cool robot with wings. (It's not ruled out that Bitget will make these hierarchical images into NFT to promote in the future. Anyway, let's stay tuned!)

Btw, if your reputation points were lower than -10, that means you must have violated community rules many times which are against the whole community value, then you will be kicked! So please treasure your rep points, don't be SBF!

Rank Role

Level / Reps

N/A(Kicked Member)

X < -10


-10 <= X < 0


0 <= X < 1


1 <= X < 100


100 <= X < 250


250 <= X < 450


450 <= X < 700


700 <= X < 1000


1000 <= X < 1350


1350 <= X < 1750


1750 <= X < 2200


2200 <= X < 2700


2700 <= X < 3300


X >= 3300

💎 How does the rep system work? How do members get reps? How does it work together with Telegram's topics channel architecture?

The rep system consists of different blocks and functions and also works together with Telegram's new architecture. You can try different channels to unlock ways to earn reps and even give reps points bounty to other group members by asking questions.

All the rules about how to earn reps have been pinned on each channel. You can check in the pinned messages by yourselves. Here I will introduce 2 more newly launched channels to you.

💎 You must have been interested in what are the corresponding benefits (prize pool: 5000 USDT in total) and rights of rep levels.

When you reach higher rep levels, you will unlock more benefits and rights, so it is more than a symbol to distinguish your identity in our community.

This round of rep events will last for one month. After the event ends, we will take a snapshot of the reps ranking board. The top 100 members will share a prize pool of 2,000 USDT according to the percentage of reps you take up among the top 100 members.

Once there are 50 community members who have reached the "Legend" level, our community will also launch a new prize pool of up to 3,000 USDT as the funds for differential community operations. (ONLY Legend or the above reps roles are eligible to participate, try to get as many reps as you can!)