How to Post a Trade Ad on P2P

Dear Global Bitgetters,

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can post your P2P advertisement on Bitget as a merchant.

If you are still not a merchant, please click to learn How to become a Merchant on Bitget P2P.

Step 1: Please click “Buy Crypto --> P2P” to enter into the P2P trading page.

Step 2: In the upper right hand corner of the P2P trading page, click to Post Ad, then you can choose to post Buy ads or Sell ads.

Buy ads: It means a merchant wants to buy crypto from users. The Buy ads will show up on the P2P Sell trading page.

Sell ads: It means a merchant wants to sell crypto to users. The Sell ads will show up on the P2P Buy trading page.

Step 3: Create your ideal advertisement by configuring the following 3 settings:

Setting A: Ads Type

a. Select advertisement type: Buy or Sell

b. Select your preferred Coin and Fiat currency

Setting B: Ads Price

a. Choose either the Fixed Price or Floating Price

b. Enter the Trading price (per USDT) or Floating ratio

Note: A fixed offer price will not fluctuate based on market movements, whereas a floating offer price is calculated by multiplying the premium and the reference price.

We recommend you to use fixed price, as floating price is subjected to changes in the market.

Setting C: Transaction Requirements

a. Enter the total Quantity you want to trade

b. Enter the Minimum and Maximum transaction amount which you are willing accept per ad

c. Choose a Payment deadline: how much time you want to give to customer to complete payment

d. Choose a Payment method: More payment methods you have more customers you can attract

e. Fill in the Remarks for your customers to understand your preferences more clearly.

Step 4: Click to agree the Trading Rule and Post

Confirm that all the information you have entered into your advertisement is accurate.

Then click the Post button.

Congratulations! Your ad is now successfully posted.

You can also reach out to us on telegram @bitgetp2ppay or @Dhz1124 for any queries or email us at [email protected]

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Bitget Team