Join Bitget Launchpool, Share $100,000 Prize Pool

Dear Global Bitgetters,
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the 13th session of Launchpool, with the interest bonus of staking BGB to EARN PUMLX free airdrops! Don't miss this great opportunity! Join Bitget Launchpool now: https://www.bitget.com/en/launchpool You can check here for more details!
But there is more! We will be running another campaign to give away $100,000 trading bonus to any participants who join this launchpool! Sign up Now if you still don't have Bitget Account: https://partner.bitget.com/bg/BitgetEn
Campaign Period: November 30, 10 AM to December 3, 10 AM (UTC)
Promotion A: $40,000 Bonus for new participants
Each of the new users who join the launchpool for the first time will be eligible to earn $20 trading bonus! The reward is only valid for the first 2000 users! First come, first serve!
Promotion B: Join Launchpool to share $60,000 Bonus
Users who join the 13th Bitget Launchpool can share $60,000 Bonus in proportion to their BGB Staking Amount. For example, the total BGB staking amount is 100,000, and user A stake 10,000 BGB. This user can share 10,000/100,000*60,000=$6000 Bonus.
The more BGB you stake, the more bonus you can earn!
Terms & Conditions:
1.The campaign is only available for users from English-speaking regions, excluding Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
2.The event is only intended for users who join the prediction via the "Join Now" Button.
3.The trading bonus can be directly used to trade on Futures (including Copy Trade), to offset transaction fees/losses/funding fees, or to be used as margin to open positions. Learn more at Bitget Futures: Futures Trading Bonus.
4.Users who register with multiple accounts using the same IP address will not be eligible for the rewards.
5.Rewards will be sent within 10 working days after campaign ends.
6.Bitget may disqualify users from participating in this event if any violation of the rules or immoral behaviors are detected, and reserves the right to change the event rules.

Bitget Team

November 30, 2022