Trading USDT-Margined Futures on Bitget

Dear Global Bitgetters,

1. Supported trading pairs

There are more than 50 margin trading pairs available on Bitget, with a maximum leverage of 125X. For USDT-Ⓜ Futures, profits and losses will be settled in USDT.

2. Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures: Step-by-step tutorial

Trading crypto futures has never been easier with Bitget. The basic steps can be summarised as such:

- Go to Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures trading page and log in with your Bitget ID.

Transfer funds from your account to your Futures account. There is no fee incurred for internal transfers.

- Start trading by opening a new position: You’ll choose one favourite trading pair, your mode of margin, preferred level of leverage, together with price, number and direction (long/short) of contracts.

Interactive guides on opening a new position for Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures (available on website)

Submitted and processed orders will be shown in Open Orders. When they are successfully submitted, you can find them in Positions, where you can deliberately adjust the leverage or close the position when needed.

- Check profits and losses (P/L): Also displayed in Positions, profits and losses are divided into two categories of unrealised (not yet received/taken at marked price) and realised P/L. If the position is already closed, P/L is shown in Trade Details.

- Close the position: You can choose to manually enter the detail to close a position or only a part of it with the Limit order, while Flash order allows for immediate closing of the whole position. Please note that close order can be revoked.

Similar to opening positions, processed orders will be available for check-up in Open Orders.

3. Leverage and risk management

Bitget encourages our users to trade responsibly and mindfully with the help of risk management strategies and our applied functionalities.

One unique feature of Bitget is profits and losses are settled on a real-time basis. That also represents our guarantee for a sophisticated, accurate data system. Traders will be able to manage their account commensurate with the market. In addition, to help users better manage their trades, Bitget only charges one side of the contract if both positions are of the same settlement currency, for instance USDT or BTC. Assuming the example of John above, his margin account will be charged for the long position only.

Bitget users can also switch between Cross Margin and Isolated Margin mode at will to better improve their portfolio performance as well as reducing the risk of liquidations.

In case of a margin call, traders have to meet the initial margin requirements in a particular time period to maintain their open positions, otherwise traders will be forced into liquidation, i.e. closing out open positions, until their current account balance satisfies the initial margin requirements for the remaining positions:

- Forced liquidation in Isolated Margin mode: At 100% margin ratio, a position will be forced into liquidation if isolated account balance + unrealised P/L in isolated mode < maintenance margin.

- Forced liquidation in Cross Margin mode: At 100% margin ratio, a position will be forced into liquidation if cross account balance, excluding isolated margin and unrealised P/L in isolated mode, is less than the maintenance margin.

If such a case is to take place, Bitget users can conveniently choose between the following actions to minimise loss(es):

(1) Cancel the order: For the isolated margin mode, it only cancels the opening and closing orders of this transaction for one position at a time. For the cross margin mode, all orders for opening and closing positions will be cancelled (including positions in the isolated margin mode).

(2) Remove the hedge position order of all trading pairs (isolated margin mode not included);

(3) Deleverage: Reduce 2 leverage levels each time (isolated margin mode not included).

Please note that if risk treatments are being applied, other operations will be prohibited until the process is completed.

Bitget Team