Bitget Creator Recruitment Program

Dear Global Bitgetters,

I. Portal of Bitget creator plan
We are looking to recruit partners who share our values and are willing to promote Bitget, thus we launched the Bitget Creator Program.
Bitget will provide you with support, including traffic import, event support, and many more resources so that you can become a reputable KOL in the industry.
You can also create a personal exclusive promotional link, and after someone completes their registration through your exclusive link, they will automatically become your referral.
Recruitment regions: The first phase will focus on recruiting creators in the UK, Canada, and Australia.
In the Bitget contract section, you can get transaction fee rebates from all transactions completed by invitees, and you can also get monthly bonuses and other benefits.
Recruitment period: November 25th 00:00 – December 25th 23:59 (UTC)
II. Overview of the Creator’s Vision
1. Creators are tasked with posting daily content on the social media accounts officially provided by Bitget to maintain long-term updated content on at least 2 YouTube/Tiktok/Twitter accounts and other social platforms (graphic content at least 2-3 times per day) and video content at least 2-3 days per week).
2. Content referring to major Bitget events will be synchronized across all other social media platforms, such as YouTube/Tiktok/Twitter in a timely manner, and you should also post the content and materials that Bitget staff provides to you.
3. Creators will cooperate with Bitget staff to handle different forms of event announcements, actively promote Bitget, and expand Bitget brand exposure and influence.
III. Application conditions for creators
1. Have sufficient free time, have personal opinions and ideas on Crypto, and be able to produce content on your own.
2. Blockchain enthusiasts, digital currency community leaders, writers, and content creators who are active on social media platforms, such as YouTube/Tiktok/Twitter throughout the year.
Recruitment objectives:
1. Top KOL (Key Opinion Leader)
Passionate about building blockchain communities; willing to share and develop insights, opinions, and educational content about the crypto field; already has an established fan base on other content platforms.
2. Crypto asset project party
The project must have been launched on Bitget, and its team has a strong desire to allow readers on the platform to regularly track and understand project developments.
3. Media Partners
Media outlets looking to distribute their original/reposted content, maximize the exposure of their articles, and expand their readership in crypto.
IV. Rights and Interests of Creators
1. Ladder monthly bonus - monthly fixed bonus, 200 USDT at the beginner level, 1000 USDT at the highest level.
2. Event rewards - Bitget event participation rights (such as whitelist, airdrops, etc.).
3. Exclusive honor - Bitget swag.
V. Special instructions
1. Fill out the form and apply for the Bitget Creator Program. Our team will review your application and get in touch with you.
2. Bitget creator cooperation will be evaluated every 3 months. After a comprehensive evaluation, it will be decided whether to continue cooperating based.
3. The Creator Recruitment Program will be held every 3 months.
4. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation for this event. Bitget creators must abide by relevant management rules. Bitget has the right to cancel the honorary title and enjoy the benefits created or provided by Bitget creators on the premise that Bitget creators violate the rules and guidelines.

Bitget Team

November 24, 2022