Bitget Notification of Protecting Account and Strengthening Verification

Dear Global Bitgetters,


To protect users’ account, Bitget reminds you to pay attention to your account security and strengthen verification, such as periodically change password and bind Google Authenticator. Besides, please take care of your account password, and remain it different from others, in case the information leak and losses.
[Methods to strengthen verification and promote anti-phishing]
1. How to strengthen verification:
(1) Log in the Bitget account, select the “Security Setting”, and set the “Google Authentication Code” and “Anti-phishing Code”.
2. How to prevent phishing sites:
(1) Make your account name and password different from others.
(2) Bind Google authentication. Open Google login second-step authentication feature.
If you encounter any suspicious websites or want to consult about the verification methods, please contact Online Support or send email to [email protected].


Bitget Team

November 12, 2022


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