ETH 2.0! Deposit & Trade for Your Share of 3,000 ETHW!

Dear Global Bitgetters:


To celebrate the upcoming ETH 2.0 merge, we are now launching the "Deposit + Trade, Share the 3,000 ETHW Prize Pool" campaign.


Campaign Period: September 8, 2022 02:00 - September 14, 2022 02:00 (UTC)



Promotion 1: Deposit ETH and Share The 1,000 ETHW Prize Pool


During the campaign, users who successfully deposit ETH on Bitget on-chain, via P2P transaction or third-party payment will share a total of 1,000 ETHW prize pool as per their proportion of net deposits (deposit - withdrawal). The more you deposit, the more rewards!


Reward calculation:

% of your net deposit = Amount of your net deposit / Total net deposit of participants * 100%

Reward amount = % of your net deposit * 1,000 ETHW

Example: During the campaign, Alfred's net deposit amount is 5 ETH, and the total net deposit amount of participants is 1,000 ETH, then Alfred will get a reward of 

5 / 1000 * 1000= 5 ETHW.


Promotion 2: Trade ETH and Share the 2,000 ETHW Prize Pool


Eligibility: Only applicable to first-time traders on Spot market 


Users with a cumulative trading volume ≥ 0.05 ETH  are eligible to share the 2,000 ETHW prize pool. The rewards are limited to the top 5,000 traders and the prizes received by each user are proportional to the size of the individual trading amount during the campaign. 


Reward calculation:

% of your trading volume = Your trading volume / Total trading volume of participants * 100%

Reward amount = % of your trading volume * 2,000 ETHW

Example: During the campaign, Michelle's trading volume is 5 ETH, and the total amount of participants’ trading volume is 1,000 ETH, then Michelle will get a reward of 

5 / 1000 * 2000= 10 ETHW.


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Terms & Conditions:

1. Institutional users and market makers are not allowed to participate in this campaign;

2. ETH spot trading volume will be included in the effective trading volume of this campaign;

3. During the campaign, only the deposit amount and trading volume on the spot account will be included in the reward calculation;

4. The above rewards can be accumulated. Rewards will be issued within three (3) working days after the ETH fork is completed;

5. Net deposit = ETH deposit amount - withdrawal amount during the campaign;

6. Trading volume = ETH buying volume + selling volume during the campaign;

7. Bitget reserves the right to disqualify users from participating in the promotions for engaging in deceitful or malicious behaviors during the campaign, including but not limited to wash trading, multi-accounting from the same IP address, etc.;

8. Bitget reserves the right of campaign explanation and handling of participants’ dishonest behaviors.


Bitget Team

September 8, 2022


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