Bag BGB for Launchpool



Dear Global Bitgetters,


Launchpool is coming with high rewards for BGB holders: BGB stakers will enjoy much larger rewards pool and exclusive lottery pool!


???? Event Period: September 5, 2 PM - September 8, 2 PM (UTC)


Event Details:

Hold more than 1,000 BGB

Prize pool: USD1,000 in tokens

Keep holding more than 1,000 BGB during the event period to share the prize pool!


Hold more than 2,000 BGB

Prize pool: USD2,000 in tokens

Keep holding more than 2,000 BGB during the event period to share the prize pool!


???? Rules:

  1. You must be a member of BGB Holders Group. How to join: Hold any amount of BGB, apply to join the group via [this link] and contact @Zoewwww or @Alynn_ses of our team on Telegram for asset auditing.
  2. Fill out the form in the group.


???? Buy BGB today, to receive daily bonuses:

  1. 20% off your transaction fees
  2. Trade to earn — the more you trade, the more you earn!
  3. Stake to earn — enjoy passive income with at least 6% APY 
  4. VIP privileges: Rare chance to invest in potential projects on Bitget Launchpad


???? Benefits for BGB Holders Group:

  1. Weekly educational AMA to learn more about the BGB roadmap & marketplace!
  2. Lucky Box, hold to win BGB at random intervals!
  3. Price Prediction event each Thursday to win USD10 tokens!


???? Please note:

  1. Winners will be announced within 5 days after the event ends on the BGB Holders Group Telegram channel.
  2. Participants must complete Identity Verification (KYC) to be eligible for the event.
  3. Users who are registered under Mainland China are not allowed to participate.
  4. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If any malicious behavior or exploitation of platform vulnerability is found, Bitget reserves the right to handle the user's account and assets.



Bitget Team

September 6, 2022


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