GroupCoin Launch: 50% OFF Token Sale (Session 2: ETH)

Dear Global Bitgetters,


Do you wish that you would have bought ETH at $7xx? Well, now is your chance!


Bitget is launching GroupCoin, where you can buy your favorite cryptocurrencies at 50% OFF!


The second GroupCoin session will allow you to get 50% off when buyingEthereum (ETH)starting Sep 8, 10 AM UTC.


Grab your 50% discount now!





More details about the event can be found below:

Event Period

Subscription Period: Sep 8, 10 AM to Sep 11, 10 AM (UTC)

Exchange Time: The system will complete the exchange automatically on Sep 11, 10 AM (UTC)


Event Rewards: 50 ETH


Participation Requirements

  • Complete identity authentication (KYC Level 1 or above). Verify Now >>>

Event Rules

  • Users need to pledge BGB to participate in the event. The individual minimum subscription amount is 100 BGB, and the maximum subscription amount is 10,000 BGB.  
  • After the subscription is complete, the exchange will proceed according to the actual discount. Then, the corresponding amount of BGB will be deducted automatically.
  •  The actual discount will be determined according to the number of participants. The more participants, the higher the discount!

No. of Participants


<= 500

10% off


20% off


30% off


50% off


????Ongoing Event:

Join now to earn you more BGB>> Mystery Box for New Traders, up to 8,888 BGB!



  • Redemption benchmark price: BGB and event token exchange prices are based on the average token deal price during the subscription period.
  • Actual exchange amount:
      • When the total subscription amount is less than the total value of the event rewards, the exchange will be completed according to the subscription amount of the user.
      • When the total subscription amount is greater than the total value of the event tokens, the exchange will be completed according to the ratio of the number of subscribers.  
  • Exchange calculation: Actual Exchange Amount = Individual Subscription Amount / Total Subscription Amount * Value of Total  Event Rewards Amount * Actual Discount.
  • Bitget reserves the right to disqualify users from participating in the promotions for dishonest or malicious behaviors during the campaign, including but not limited to wash trading, multi-accounting with the same IP address, etc.;
  • Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions and handling of participant fraud.


Bitget Team

Sep 7, 2022


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