Bitget Global Partner

Headquarter located in Singapore, Bitget is a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives spot. In July 2020, Bitget completed a 10 million dollars Series B financing led by South Korea's top game company SNK and co-invested by top capital Anlan Capital and now Bitget is valued at 1 billion dollars.

At the beginning of 2020, Bitget will fully deploy overseas market. In order to accelerate the rapid implementation of global business and allow more capable partners to share Bitget's growth dividends. Bitget launches the Global Partner Program and is now recruiting partners from all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Partnerships

1.5 M illion

Total Global Registered Users

$5.6 B illion

24-hour Trading volume

5000 +

Total Global Partners

800 BTC

Cumulative Rebate

Partners' Rights and Interests

Acquisition Subsidy

Lowest Fee Rate in Industry: Maker 0.02% Taker 0.06%

5U for registration, 100U to the Maximum.

Exclusive Backstage

Exclusive Account, Safe and Reliable

Data Transparency, Clear Transaction Details

Daily Rebate

Daily rebate will be issued on time.

Protect partners’ rights and interests as much as possible

Fast Withdrawal

Fast Channel, Fast Deposit and Withdrawal

Market Support

Customizing acquisition and activation online activities

Such as trading competitions, the highest bonus reaches 100,000U

Operation event planning, Market media publicity service

Exclusive Customer Service

Multilingual, 24/7, 1-1 Customer Services

Member Exclusive Benefits

Branded Gift for Birthday

The Reason to Choose Bitget

Global Top 5 Futures Trading Platform

Listed on CMC, CoinGecko and Cryptoadvanture.

Valued at 1 billion dollars as unicorn

SNK and Anlan Capital strategically invests tens of millions of dollars

Four National Licenses, Compliance Operation

Canada, Singapore, United States, Australia

Professional Futures Technology

Wallet supports dedicated/multi-signature

Self-Developed match engine

No Overload in Extreme Market Fluctuation

Strong Safety Risk Control

A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators (the only one in industry)

Four major security vendors: Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors

Listed on the international third-party safety rating agency CER

Comprehensive Product Functions

1) More than 20 perpetual futures trading pairs

2) Comprehensive functions: Flash open and close positions, preset TP/SL, Cross/Isolated, tiered liquidation

The World's Largest Cryptocurrency Futures Trade-Copying Platform

5000+ top traders in the world

Full Quantitative Trading Tools

Fully Open API

Support CCXT

Quantitative Trading Tool Gunbot Aotoview SiriusTrader

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