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Bitget One-Click Copy Trade: Guidelines for Elite Futures Traders

Let’s take a closer look at the guidelines for elite traders.

I. How do I become a trader?

1. Log in to Bitget’s official website or app.

2. Select Become a Trader on the Copy Trade page.

3. Fill in your information, then read and agree to the Trader Agreement.

4. Wait to be approved.

II. Requirements to become an elite trader

1. You account must have no positions, open orders, or trigger orders (including both actual account and demo trading account).

2. You must not be following other traders.

3. You can only register one elite trader account.

III. Traders’ Personal Settings

You can set up your account after you receive approval. Go to the Copy Trade page > My Trades > Personal Settings before initiating a trade.

1. Avatar: This is optional.

2. Nickname: Your registered email or mobile number (by default).

3. Nickname shown in different languages: The same as your nickname (by default).

4. Tags: There are six tags for you to choose from (can be a combination of multiple tags): High frequency, low frequency, aggressive, stable, short term, and long term. Manually select these tags according to your preference.

5. Futures copy trading: Select the trading pairs that are displayed on the page. "Select all" is the default setting.

6. Total equity: The total equity in your futures account will be displayed on your Trader page when you enable it. (This feature is disabled by default.)

IV. Initiating a trade

You can start trading, setting your take-profit / stop-loss targets, close positions, and view your copy trade data after selecting your personal settings.

* Currently, copy trading is only available in the hedging mode.

(1) Initiate a trade

You can initiate a trade by selecting Initiate trade on the Copy Trade page, or opening a position on the futures trading page. After initiating a trade, you can check the details by visiting the My Trades page or viewing Shared Trades on the futures trading page.

1. The position data under Shared Trades is the data of traders, which do not include the copy trading data of the followers.

2. Every newly opened position will be separately shown under Shared Trades.

3. The liquidation price will not be shown under Shared Trades.

4. All positions of the same direction under the same futures will be merged into Positions on the futures page.

5. Your followers will not copy any of your new orders when you have reached the position limit cap for initiated copy trades (total positions of all your followers).

(2) Set your take-profit / stop-loss (TP/SL) targets

After initiating a trade, you can check the details of the position by visiting the My Trades page or viewing Shared Trades on the futures trading page.

(3) Closing a copy trade position

You may close your positions at the market price under Shared Trades via the futures trading page or My Trades via the Copy Trade page.

1. You can only close positions at the current market price.

2. You cannot close positions with trailing orders or trigger orders.

3. The “close” feature under Positions on the futures page cannot be used.

4. Each order needs to be closed one by one under Current Copy Trades > Details.

5. Go to Current Copy Trades > Summary to close multiple futures positions which share the same margin and have the same direction.

(4) Check copy trade data

You can check your copy trade data under My Trades on the Copy Trade page. The data includes shared trades, history, details, etc.

V. Profit-sharing

(1) Profit-sharing rule

The profit share ratio is determined by the elite trader's tier. BGB lock-up will no longer be needed.

Elite trader tier







Profit share ratio







*Notes: Bitget copy trading updates: Bitget elite trader tiers

*The maximum profit share ratio in the table above refers to the maximum profit share ratio that elite traders can set (not in private mode). Elite traders can go to the Personal Settings on the personal elite trading page to modify profit share ratio after the upgrade of the profit share rules.

*To incentivize elite traders to provide higher-quality and more professional copy trading services, the new profit share rules are changing the benchmark for the profit share ratio and significantly increasing the maximum profit share ratio of the tiers. For example, elite traders of the highest tier (Legend) can enjoy a profit share ratio as high as 20%. The maximum profit share ratio is limited to 10% and subject to the BGB lock-up in the old rules.

(2) Check profit-sharing data

You can check the details of your shared profits from copy trades under My Trades > Profit-sharing on your homepage.

1. Profits shared, Profits to be shared, Profits yesterday: All profits will be shown in USDT, but the actual profits will be distributed in the currency used as the margin by followers.

2. The "Profits to be shared" is a dynamic value.

3. Total shared profits and historical shared profits: Only users with positive profits will be displayed in the details.

VI. Manage your followers

You may check your current followers and their account equity under My Trades > Followers.

1. You can remove followers whose futures equity are less than 100 USDT.

2. Removed followers will no longer copy your new positions, but currently copied positions are unaffected.

3. After being removed, the follower will not be able to re-follow the same elite trader for 60 minutes.

VII. Requirements for being displayed on the elite trader list

You must meet the following requirements to be displayed on the trader list:

1. Your total equity in futures (USDT) must be at least 500 USDT.

2. You need to have closed at least one initiated futures copy trade that is supported on the platform for copy trading.

3. You will be removed from the trader list if your current total equity falls under 500 USDT in futures. Followers from before the removal from the list will not be affected.

* Note: The trader list is updated hourly.

Refer to Functions Available to Traders for more details.