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Copy Trading FAQs

To enable elite traders and followers to better understand Bitget's copy trading services, we will regularly update our copy trading FAQs. Thank you for your continued support! We are dedicated to providing the best products and services.

1. I am an elite trader. Why did my follower count drop so quickly?

Followers whose futures accounts remain unfunded for 14 consecutive days or are closed will be automatically removed.

2. Why does the leverage shown on positions differ from the leverage shown on copy trading orders?

If the user chooses Futures Leverage mode to make copy trades, the leverage will be the same in both cases. However, the leverage may differ if the user selects Copy Leverage or Specified Leverage mode. For more details, refer to How to Set Leverage.

3. Why can't followers copy an elite trader's orders?

Elite traders have a limited amount of active orders: 100 orders for a single trading pair and 300 orders across all trading pairs. When an elite trader has reached the position limit for elite trades, users will not be able to copy any new trades. For more details, refer to The Minimum Order Size and the Maximum Position Limit For Traders to Initiate a Copy Trade.

4. How can elite traders earn profits?

The profit share ratio is determined by the elite trader's tier. BGB lock-up will no longer be needed.

Elite trader tier







Profit share ratio







*Notes: Bitget copy trading updates: Bitget elite trader tiers

*The maximum profit share ratio in the table above refers to the maximum profit share ratio that elite traders can set (not in private mode). Elite traders can go to the Personal Settings on the personal elite trading page to modify profit share ratio after the upgrade of the profit share rules.

* The maximum profit share ratio for spot elite traders will be increased to 10% after the update (no BGB lock-up). Bitget will determine the maximum profit share ratio based on elite trader tiers after the spot elite trader tier system is launched.

5. How can elite traders increase their maximum follower limit?

Elite traders must meet the corresponding asset threshold requirements. Otherwise, users may not be able to follow them. For more details, refer to Trader Asset Thresholds.

6. What are the requirements to become an elite trader?

  • There should be no positions, open orders, or trigger orders in your futures or spot account (including both actual and demo trading accounts).

  • You should not be following other elite traders.

  • You can only sign up for one elite trader account.

7. How can I get featured on the elite trader list?


1. Have futures assets worth no less than 500 USDT.

2. Have closed at least one futures elite trade in a trading pair supported by Bitget.


1. Have spot assets worth no less than 100 USDT.

2. Have closed at least one spot elite trade in a trading pair supported by Bitget.

3. Make elite trades with at least one trading pair.

8. What rules must elite traders adhere to?

Elite traders are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Bitget Traders.

9. How can Bitget help me attract more followers?

Massive Community

1. The largest copy trading platform in the world.

2. More than 2 million futures traders.

3. Have your trades copied 38,000+ times a day.

Platform-Wide Visibility

1. Weekly trader spotlights across platforms.

2. Gain official recognition from Bitget and receive extensive promotion.

Bitget Support Initiative

1. US$2 million elite trader fund.

2. Exclusive assistance for outstanding traders.

10. Why haven't I received my profit share?

Profit shares are distributed at 00:00 (GMT+8) each day. If you have an open order, the profit from that order will be distributed the next day. You must close the position if you want to get the profit share on the same day.

11. Why was I demoted to a lower rank on the elite trader list?

  • If you did not execute any elite trades for 3 consecutive weeks, your ranking will be lowered by the system. Your ranking will return to normal within an hour after a new elite trade is made. Users can still find you using the search function during the demotion period.

  • If you experience 7 consecutive days of losses exceeding 30% of your elite trades, your overall ranking will drop significantly. To return to normal ranking, you will need to close up to 30% of your elite trades with 7 consecutive days of losses.

  • You have violated the rules. Users can still find you using the search function during the demotion period.

12. If I have already locked up 1000 BGB in my futures account, should I lock up another 1000 BGB in my spot account to receive the same profit share ratio?

At present, only one lock-up request would suffice. Both your spot and futures accounts will enjoy the same profit share ratio.

13. Why did my lock-up request fail?

  • You do not hold sufficient BGB tokens.

  • The BGB tokens in your account might be frozen due to active copy trades. To unfreeze these assets, you will need to close the corresponding copy trades.

  • If you select a BGB trading pair for elite spot trading, your subsequent BGB purchases will count toward your elite spot trading volume. The system will freeze this amount, preventing it from being locked up. To utilize your frozen BGB, you need to close your position(s), then remove the BGB trading pair from your spot copy trading settings. Your BGB will be available for lock-up in new orders. You can decide whether you want to use the BGB trading pair for further spot copy trades based on your own personal circumstances.

14. Is it possible to partially unlock elite trader data?

The partial unlocking of elite trader data is not supported.

15. Can I use one-way mode for copy trading?

Currently, copy trading is only available in the hedging mode.

16. If an elite trader adjusts their isolated margin, will it also affect the margin of their followers' corresponding positions?

No, adjustments made by the elite trader will not affect the margin of their followers' positions.