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Use P2P to buy and sell USDT

Trade safely and easily with zero fees on Bitget P2P. Trade USDT via Various payment methods such as bank transfers and e-wallets now.

Merchant Ads
Price Alert
Merchants (Trades | Completion rate) Price Amount/Limit Low to High Payment methods
Piwen Trades 1 | Completion rate 50.00%
1.005 USD
Amount Limit 49.95 USDT 10–50.204 USD
Samo Trader Trades 579 | Completion rate 99.00%
1.008 USD
Amount Limit 171.38 USDT 10–110 USD
RodrigoG28 Trades 4601 | Completion rate 100.00%
1.01 USD
Amount Limit 700 USDT 10–707 USD
contilean Trades 31 | Completion rate 100.00%
1.013 USD
Amount Limit 861.79 USDT 50–1,013 USD
Estocolmo1978 Trades 0 | Completion rate 0.00%
1.03 USD
Amount Limit 299.71 USDT 10–308.701 USD
bestchange p2p Trades 64 | Completion rate 94.00%
1.03 USD
Amount Limit 75 USDT 10–103 USD
Cryptovenezuela Trades 21 | Completion rate 100.00%
1.035 USD
Amount Limit 39.99 USDT 10–40 USD
Betzcoswiki Trades 7 | Completion rate 100.00%
1.039 USD
Amount Limit 443.99 USDT 10–514.312 USD
alihaider123go Trades 526 | Completion rate 98.00%
1.04 USD
Amount Limit 232.41 USDT 10–241.715 USD
JavierG24 Trades 12 | Completion rate 100.00%
1.04 USD
Amount Limit 138.97 USDT 25–144.529 USD

How to trade on Bitget P2P portal?

Placing an order

Choose from all available offers in the market and place an order for the coins you want. After placing the order, the coins will be held by Bitget P2P.

Paying the seller

Pay the seller via the payment method suggested by the platform. Complete the fiat transfer and click on "Transferred. Notify the seller" on Bitget P2P portal.

Getting your coins

Once the seller confirms receipt of payment, the coins held by Bitget will be released to you.

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