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Trendy memecoins & more Web3 tokens coming to Bitget Innovation Zone

Innovation Zone
Trendy memecoins & more Web3 tokens coming to Bitget Innovation Zone

The biggest question remains: which coins should I invest in? Bitget Innovation Zone can help you find your own answer with our list of trendy, high-potential tokens that satisfy our 60-day requirements of market depth, trading volume, and more.

Grab the latest earning opportunities this week in our Innovation Zone with STONKS, PLEB, TOMI, and WWY.

Welcome to the Crypto Era

Kickstart your crypto journey with Bitget Ultimate Beginners' Guide and enjoy your moment with Bitget Innovation Zone!

Bitget is proud to be one of the world's largest trading platforms, having launched many products for an outstanding decentralized experience. Five years after launch, Bitget is leading the field with its Bitget Copy Trading, Bitget MegaSwap, Bitget Launchpad, Bitget Launchpool, and more. We are serving over 8 million users from 100+ countries regions as well as a community of 80,000 expert traders and 380,000 followers with Bitget One-Click Copy Trade.

Our user-friendly design, 24/7 service support, low transaction fees, transparency and high-security data storage will help you begin your crypto journey in no time. In addition to the staples in the Bitget Spot Trading, we constantly add the most sought-after tokens in the Bitget Innovation Zone to connect you with the market of cutting-edge trends.

Exciting memecoins and Web3 wonder tokens listed in the Bitget Innovation Zone

Memecoins and Web3 tokens are an essential part of the crypto world. By definition, a memecoin is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that brings users their daily dose of fun, whereas Web3 projects promote ownership collaboration between people and society via their native tokens.

These four exciting tokens are set to offer you even more opportunities in the Bitget Innovation Zone: STONKS, PLEB, TOMI, and WWY.


Welcome STONKS to the viral meme world! STONKS is the governance coin of Stonks DAO on the Ethereum chain. It is based on one of the most popular investment decision-related memes on the Internet: Meme Man standing in front of the stock market numbers.

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Plebs (PLEB)

PLEB is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. This meme coin combines artwork, humor, and a viral ticker into one package, designed to appeal to Plebs, and is sure to be popular. Investing in PLEB is a great way to participate in the crypto industry's growth.

Check out for more information and Buy PLEB in the Bitget Innovation Zone here!

tomiNet (TOMI)

tomiNet is a platform that provides tools and technologies to defend digital human rights, such as privacy, anti-censorship, and freedom of expression. This project creates a decentralized alternative internet network to be used as an infrastructure platform for Web3.

Buy TOMI now and participate in the deposit campaign to share 18,000 TOMI!

WeWay (WWY)

WeWay is a platform aiming to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through the impact of influencers, celebrities, and key opinion leaders (KOLs). With its community-driven ecosystem, WeWay seeks to provide users with learning, earning, and entertainment opportunities.

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How to trade in the Innovation Zone:

1. Simply create an account or log-in to your existing one.

2. Switch to the tab Inno Zone and search the coin name.

3. Start trading with us!

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Disclaimer: All products and projects listed on this article are not endorsements, and are provided for informational purposes only.