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Trade Smarter with the New Bitget

Trade Smarter with the New Bitget


Still remember when the New Year bell rang in 2018, I was in Boston, surrounded by family, friends, and New Year hopes and wishes. Meanwhile, there were non-stop discussions about crypto technology and its future applications in crypto communities. On Jan 1, 2018, Bitcoin price dropped to $14,000, experiencing a sharp decline from $20,000 two weeks prior, but the community was still bullish.
As global trade wars escalated at the time, the performance of the crypto prices attracted a growing number of VCs and traditional financial investors' attention, including the founding team of Bitget, most of whom had been following blockchain since 2015. As more people went "all in" on crypto, they began to serious ly study the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem. These novel ideas left a profound impact a nd led them to a belief that crypto will reform the way finance works and people invest forever .
With this vision in mind, they created Bitget. They believe crypto exchanges will become the financial institution to serve billions of people worldwide in the future. As a secure and neutral platform, Bitget took it upon itself to spread crypto knowledge and help users find smarter ways to invest.

A Smarter Way to Trade

For every investment decision, there lies a dream. Be it for our families, our own ventures, our hobbies, or even for inflation. From the start , Bitget advocated the slogan "Better trading, better life," encouraging more people to embrace crypto and leverage their potential to create a better life.
As with many things in life, easier said than done, and investing is no exception. Successful investing requires knowledge and accumulated experience, and there is no shortcut for the crypto market either.
From 2018 to 2023, the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry has raised the barrier to entry for beginners. The range of investable assets has expanded from Bitcoin to thousands of coins in a short period of time. New investment tools have branched out from spot trading to include futures trading, options, and many more. Trading has evolved from manual execution to automated, high-frequency quantitative trading via APIs. The zero-sum game theory of all financial markets seems to make crypto increasingly unfriendly to newcomers.
Bitget like any other blockchain company, had been dedicated to driving crypto adoption and focused on user education. However, we realized that even with access to knowledge, beginners still struggled to navigate the vast array of cryptocurrencies and master the intricacies of trading tools. They could only learn through trial and error in actual trades. For some, it means financial losses, while others decided to leave the industry.
Bitget is, therefore, inspired to bring about change to the industry, as we asked ourselves these questions: What if experienced traders could share their mature, market-validated trading strategies? What if newcomers could easily and quickly follow and emulate those strategies, employing tools that were previously exclusive to professional investors? This could be a win-win situation, creating a vibrant community where everyone can trade like a pro. I n May 2020, Bitget became the first major crypto exchange to introduce copy trading features .
One step at a time, we optimize our products to provide more accurate and timely data for elite traders, and ensure safer and more convenient operations for copy traders. Today, Bitget has nurtured the largest copy-trading community, with over 110,000 traders sharing their wisdom. Close to 540,000 users choose to follow their preferred traders, leveraging their experience to make smarter investments.
Despite the results we have achieved with copy trading, as an exchange, we believe that there is still more we can do in addition to facilitating fair and efficient trade matches. We believe a better crypto trading platform aims to empower the community and users to trade smarter.

The New Look of Bitget

Starting today, " Trade s marter" will be Bitget's new brand tagline. Together with our users, we will continue to BUIDL the world's largest crypto copy trading community, leveraging new technologies such as AI to help every member of the community trade smarter.
Alongside this new proposition, we are also introducing Bitget's new visual identity. Currently, Bitget operates in over 60 countries and regions with 1,300 employees. To facilitate efficient collaboration in a decentralized way, we value a "results-driven" corporate culture. In our pursuit of smarter trades, we also aim to streamline the trading process, making it more simple and efficient.
The same idea also applied to our brand's visual design, we adopted a "subtractive" approach. The first element to be "subtracted" is the "tails" in Bitget's iconic arrow logo. The simplified graphic emphasizes a sense of "direction". Whether it is copy trading today or AI-assisted intelligent trading in the future, our goal is to help users find their own trading direction that aligns with their investment goals.
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We believe that the new visual language, with its eye-catching color comb o and streamlined interactive interface, will provide users with a safer, easier , and more efficient crypto trading experience. The new design has already been applied to Bitget's homepage. Within the next six months, we will gradually place it across pages of the official website, Bitget App, and various external brand displays.

The Unwavering Commitments

Behind all these changes, there are three core corporate values we remain steadfast in building the Bitget platform. These values represent our long-term commitments to users, partners, and the entire crypto industry:
  • We continue to prioritize customer satisfaction and do the right thing. Our business decisions are driven by user needs rather than the actions of our competitors.
  • We always believe honesty earns trust, openly sharing information that matters to our users, whether it is inspiring or requires improvement.
  • We maintain the commitment to turning wins into " win-wins ". In every partnership, we adhere to the principle of shared interests, promoting sustainable development of the industry.
This September, Bitget is turning five, and we couldn't be more grateful to all of you who've been on this amazing ride with us. We're excited to share with our community that the number of our registered users has hit another massive milestone of 2 0 million, after being integrated with Bitget Wallet (known as Bitkeep), and we owe it all to your incredible support. Get ready to experience the revamped Bitget and join us in an exciting new chapter, where we'll be helping even more people make the most of our services and trade smarter together!
-- Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget