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Power of B, BitKeep & Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

Power of B, BitKeep & Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

If you were kicking yourself for missing out on the $ARB airdrop, don't despair. Brace yourselves for the "Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan" on Bitget this April. The NFT airdrop is a collaboration between BitKeep and Bitget, and it aims to celebrate the BitKeep brand upgrade. This article is here to provide you with all the juicy details and step-by-step instructions to receive the Airdrop.

KEY Introduction

On March 29, BitKeep announced the brand upgrade. BitKeep and Bitget collaborated to introduce the "Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan" to commemorate the BitKeep brand upgrade, providing airdrop advantages to Web3 users across the network. The event will begin on April 3 and last one month, with different event details being disclosed progressively. NFT will be at the heart of the gathering, but NFT is more than that, and users can expect more surprises in the future. Today, the first launch is the KEY Airdrop.

Power of B, BitKeep  Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

What is KEY NFT?

KEY NFT is an NFT issued on the Polygon chain, which is a ticket and necessary credential for participating in the follow-up activities of "Power of B" and the key to obtaining more NFT airdrops in the future. It will be released through targeted airdrops, task collection, and whitelisting.

Power of B, BitKeep  Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

Remember that the KEY NFT is where it all began. On March 25th, 2023, we had a little campaign on Twitter: 🔑, see you in April?

Power of B, BitKeep  Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, and now, we come back with this Mystery Airdrop - KEY.

How to receive the KEY Airdrop?

Power of B, BitKeep  Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

From now on, you can also get the KEY NFT Airdrop in the following ways:

1. For loyal old users of BitKeep, thank you for your support; we will conduct targeted airdrops based on your past activity and transaction status.

2. Users of the entire network can receive the KEY NFT Airdrop whitelist after completing the tasks of Galxe and QuestN. Please note that the quantity of the whitelist is limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on Galxe and QuestN, please visit the following links: Galxe: link to be added, QuestN: link to be added.

3. The KEY NFT whitelist will be broadcast on BitKeep's official Twitter for a limited time. In the this week, BitKeep's official Twitter will release the KEY NFT whitelist application form from time to time on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. In addition, we have also given away the KEY NFT whitelist to partners who have been supporting BitKeep and Bitget.

To ensure that the KEY NFT is not taken advantage of by a few individuals, we will be implementing restrictive measures to prevent Sybil's attacks. The KEY NFT is expected to be airdropped to users' wallet addresses before April 11. Therefore, we encourage interested parties to participate in the event and obtain the whitelist as soon as possible.


1. If you have claimed the KEY NFT whitelist through the Polygon address of your BitKeep Wallet, wait patiently for our Airdrop and the following event announcement.

2. If you are not a BitKeep user, it is recommended to download the BitKeep Wallet before participating in the activity and use the Polygon address of the BitKeep Wallet to apply for the whitelist (Polygon main net tutorial on BitKeep).

3. Or download the BitKeep Wallet to import or create a new wallet after obtaining the KEY NFT, then transfer the KEY NFT to the BitKeep Wallet, participate in subsequent activities, and receive more airdrop rewards.

If you have patiently browsed to this location, congratulations, click on this form link, fill in the Polygon address of your BitKeep Wallet, and we will draw lucky users to join the whitelist first.

Supporting decentralization our way: BitKeep renames to Bitget Wallet

Our decentralized universe is now completed by adding BitKeep as a Bitget Wallet. Before that, we launched many products to support the decentralized experience:

Bitget Launchpad - is where we handpick the brightest projects for you.

Bitget Innovation Zone - enables customers to discover the latest innovative assets on the platform.

Bitget Mega Swap - is a decentralized trading feature on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget that aims to improve the user trading experience further and to meet users' various Defi needs.

Bitget Launchpool - is a free platform for users to stake and farm popular or newly listed tokens.

And one of the critical features of this complement - is the rename of BitKeep to Bitget Wallet. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers, and we believe that Bitget Wallet will further enhance the overall user experience on Bitget.

What is BitKeep?

BitKeep is a decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet dedicated to providing users with secure and convenient one-stop digital asset management services worldwide.

Power of B, BitKeep  Bitget's 2023 Airdrop Plan is officially launched

Following a $30 million financing from Bitget, a top crypto futures and copy trading platform, BitKeep, one of the world's foremost non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, has revealed its new 2023 plan. BitKeep has begun rebranding to provide a more consistent visual appearance as part of the Bitget ecosystem. The DeFi wallet will be called Bitget Wallet as part of this rebranding, and the revised logo, app, and website will undergo stylistic changes.

We're not only making Bitget Wallet safer with the rebranding to Bitget Wallet and our investment in security upgrades, but we're also setting up the foundation for a more secure and trustworthy crypto environment.

Prepare your BitKeep Wallet, get your KEY NFT, and unlock the surprise airdrop!

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