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New to bots? — Start here

Trading bots
New to bots? — Start here

Bitget offers more than just trading tools and financial products for users to profit; it also provides bot trading tools to assist traders in automating their trading. In this guide, we have carefully compiled some bot trading tips for beginners. It's important to note that these tips do not serve as investment advice and should be used with caution.

Bot trading:

1. How to access Bitget's bot trading?

Step 1: Visit the Bitget website and click Log in in the top right corner of the screen to log in to your account. Enter your email address or phone number and password, then click on Log In. Sign up for an account if you don't have one yet. Scan the QR code to download the Bitget app.

Step 2: Complete the identity verification and get cryptocurrencies either by depositing or purchasing.

Step 3: On the Bitget website, hover your mouse over Bots and select the corresponding bot type to access Bot Trading.

Step 4: On the bot trading page, you will see various bot trading tools such as grid, Martingale, CTA and Smart Portfolio.

2. How to choose a bot based on market conditions?

  • Grid: Suitable for volatile market. It capitalizes on buying low and selling high to generate profits.

  • Martingale: It reduces the cost basis through periodic buying and takes profit by selling when the price reverses.

  • CTA: MACD is suitable for trending markets. It tracks trends and automatically secures profit when the trend ends. BOLL is suitable for flat and oscillating markets. It involves buying low and selling high while automatically closing positions when the price averages.

  • Auto-invest: Suitable for any market. Users can optimize their average investment cost through regular investments.

  • Smart Portfolio: Suitable for any market. It leverages currency and sector exchange rate fluctuations for rotational arbitrage, allowing users to profit while maintaining a well-selected portfolio.

  • Futures quant: When using futures quant, users are not required to fill in or confirm any parameters. It operates completely through backend AI, which continuously optimizes settings based on market changes.

  • Signal Bot: Bitget's Signal Bot supports customizing trading signals on the TradingView platform to meet specific needs.

3. How to choose an order placement mode?

(1) AI mode

The system selects optimal bot parameters based on backtesting of historical data, and users only need to set the investment amount.

(2) Manual mode

Users can manually set various parameters, such as price range, grid count, trigger conditions, leverage, crypto allocation, and investment amount. Simply click on Create when you have set your parameters, and the system will automatically place and execute orders for you.

Note: AI mode is recommended for beginners. To make professional and advanced trading bots more user-friendly, Bitget's AI bots provide a variety of intelligent parameter settings for users to choose from, so they no longer need to worry about entering all the required parameters by themselves. Instead, users can select their preferred AI bots and click Create Order to proceed. Bitget AI bots are currently available for spot grid, futures grid, spot Martingale, futures Martingale, spot CTA, and futures CTA.

4. How to choose the right coin?

  • Mainstream coins should be your first choice. They have a higher trading volume and better liquidity, which makes it easier for you to seize opportunities to profit.

  • Coins with high volatility are also a good option. Choose coins have experienced sustained recent price oscillations for grid trading

Note: If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose mainstream coins, such as BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. As an experienced user, you can explore high-volatility crypto for grid trading.

5. How to track your bot trading records and stop bots?

  • Go to My bots to view pending and running bots. Here you can view the details of trades, including profit to date.

  • Go to Bot history to view past bot trades.

  • If you want to stop a running bot, use Stop to stop any bot operations (PnL will be realized at the current market price).

  • You can then either keep the trading assets or close the position in exchange for the quote currency. Finally, you can select the corresponding option and click Confirm.

Note: We recommend all users to set a stop-loss price to control risk. Users should stay informed of market trends to make necessary adjustments to the bot.

6. What risk-control measures are in place for Bitget bot trading?

The invested funds will be isolated from your trading account and used exclusively for the corresponding bot. Users should be mindful of the risks associated with their overall positions in the trading account after the funds are transferred out. It is recommended that you make informed decisions by thoroughly reading the description of the Bitget bot trading product and conducting a reasonable assessment of your risk appetite.

Bot copy trading:

1. What is bot copy trading?

Bitget bot copy trading offers a vast array of high-quality bots.

They assist you with 24-hour arbitrage, automatically buying low and selling high.

Copy trading was never this easy and hassle-free!

2. How many trading pairs does bot copy trading currently support?

It now supports 569 spot trading pairs and 189 futures trading pairs, catering to the majority of users' trading needs.

3. What services are provided by bot copy trading?

Bot buying and selling:

All users can publish a bot to the bot pool and set the bot selling price (0–50USDT).

Buy a bot of your choice and copy the parameters. There are also some free bots available for immediate use.

Subscribing to strategists:

To subscribe to a strategist you simply need to pay the corresponding subscription fee.

During the 30-day valid subscription period, you can copy all the bots of the strategist for free.

4. What is the difference between bot copy trading and spot/futures copy trading?

The biggest difference is that no profit sharing is required for all copy trades.

5. Are there any other advantages to bot copy trading?

Objectivity: The automated system is not susceptible to emotional bias. Strict adherence to set rules eliminates the potential human errors caused by fear, greed, or any other emotional factors.

Automated bots can run 24/7, seizing trading opportunities at any time.

6. How do I choose from so many bots?

The platform offers a vast array of high-quality copy-trading bots.

You can filter them based on your crypto preferences, bot performance, return trends, selling prices, and the sales frequency.

Some free bots can be copied directly.

Bots will be valid permanently after purchase.

A single payment grants you lifetime access.

How to copy trade through the Bots tab?

  1. On the Bot copy trading page, click on Bots.

  1. Select the bot you want to purchase and click on the bot price to access the purchase page.

  1. Click on the price again on the purchase page and follow the instructions to complete the payment (skip this step if it's a free bot).

  1. Enter the bot trading page and just fill in the amount of investment (other parameters are auto-filled).

  1. Finally, click Create a bot > Confirm Parameters.

Your bot copy trading will start to run.

Don't forget to copy and use the bots promptly, as they are time-sensitive. Otherwise, you may miss the best window for copying trades.

7. How do I choose a strategist?

On the strategist homepage, you can find useful data that will help you to make informed decisions.

You can choose a strategist based on the coins traded, bot type, performance records, profitability, and more.

After a successful subscription, you can view and use all the bots created by the strategist.

You can choose to stop copying a bot manually at any time, or you can choose to stop a bot when the strategist chooses to do so.

How to copy trade through the Strategists tab?

  1. Select the strategist you want to follow and copy.

  1. Pay the subscription fee (skip this step if the subscription is free).

  1. Go to the subscription settings page.

  1. You can choose whether to enable auto-copy.

The auto-copy settings page allows you to configure the trading pairs to follow, the auto-copy investment amount, the bot termination type, and more.

You can decide whether to enable the auto-copy option. If auto-copy is disabled, you can also manually copy all the bots created by the strategist.

  1. Just start the bot, and you're good to go!

During the subscription period, you can copy all the bots created by the strategist.

With all strategists in one place, Bitget enables you to leverage the expertise of top traders and easily profit through smart copy trading.