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How to Use Bitget Spot Copy Trading Function to Maximize Your Profits

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How to Use Bitget Spot Copy Trading Function to Maximize Your Profits

Bitget launched One-click Copy Trade in 2020, and until now, it has gained many achievements with its reliable products. This article will highlight the critical functions of Spot Copy Trading and help you make the right decision when using this product.

Copy Your Ways with Bitget Reliable Spot Copy Trading

Our One-Click Copy Trade product has accumulated over 80,000 traders, 380,000 followers, over 100 million profitable trades, and trades in profit sharing over 20,000,000 USD. Bitget Copy Trade is an innovative service that allows traders to automatically copy the strategies and trades of experienced traders in the Futures and Spot markets. Let’s take a brief introduction about our product inside.

What are Spot Trading Futures Trading?

A futures contract is simply an agreement between two parties to transact a particular asset at a specific future time, at a negotiated price. Spot trading in cryptocurrency is the process of purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies at current prices in order to make a trading profit.

Our One-Click Copy Trade has transformed crypto futures trading by making it simple yet lucrative for novices to execute complex futures trading strategies in the twinkling of an eye. Therefore, we launched Spot Copy Trading for Spot traders to upgrade user experience.

What can you get from our flagship product?

Users can now save time when trading with Bitget by copying trades from Top Traders. Bitget has strictly reviewed all traders once a month: Their trading records are visible, and their statistics are transparent and clear; hundreds of high-quality strategists are at your disposal; all trader statistics come from real-time trades data on Bitget, ensuring you get authentic, timely, and transparent information for reference. All records of a Trader’s positions and orders are traceable through our system, so any user can be 100% confident about the credibility of our Traders.

How to choose a Trader?

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Meet our Top Spot Traders now

To understand how to use our reliable trading product, expert traders should reference the following practical tips:

Trading Data: Copiers should assess the trading data of the Traders. Our Spot Copy Trading Function enables users to easily view the trading history and monitor the success rate of those targeted for Copy Trading. Henceforth, followers should comprehensively analyze the Traders based on the Trader's performance track record, strategy, ROI, PL, and AUM.

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Trading Pair: Bitget also showed the History of Coin Pair; Traders' transactions are clearly shown with price and ROI for each trading pair. It's essential to choose one that suits your investment goal and preferences; therefore, Bitget has added many pairs for our users. Selecting the right trading pair and identifying a skilled Trader to copy can increase your chances of making profitable trades and ultimately reaching your goal.

Chart: ROI, Profits, Preferred Trading Pairs, Position Hold Duration, and Trading are mentioned. How can they be calculated?

ROI: There are realized and unrealized profit rates. This diagram displays the realized profit rate of the spot copy trading.

Realized profit rate = Total profit of all sold or closed copy trades/all-time maximum investment amount

Profits: Total PL of all-time spot copy trades (calculated in USDT).

Preferred Trading Pairs: Percentage of all-time spot copy trades to copy trades.

Position Hold Duration: Holding duration and PL of each copy trade order (calculated in USDT).

Trading Volume: Total trading volume of all-time spot copy trades (calculated in USDT).

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Benefits of trading on Bitget

With our platform, users can now experience Bitget Spot Trading with 300+ pairs in the market, Bitget Innovation Zone with extraordinary earning opportunities (new pairs added each week) combined with Bitget Launchpad. We launched Spot Margin to amplify purchasing power and Spot Grid support for experts; combining our products lead to powerful tools with Bitget Spot Copy Trade.

Bitget affirms its position through the number of users up to more than 8 million users from 100 countries, and the highest average daily trading volume is up to $10 billion, giving us a truly strong global presence. Bitget provides 24/7 customer support in localized languages for our users, we’re here to answer all questions about the trades, services and any comment.

Our dedicated team of experts ensures we follow strict compliance standards and protocols, which follows a comprehensive compliance management framework overseen by senior management to identify, assess, execute, and evaluate effectively. We are responsible for examining and identifying any risks to or regarding our platform and following through with any necessary remediation. In conjunction with our assessments and annual compliance reviews, we work with local regulators to ensure that our compliance standards adhere to regional requirements.


In conclusion, utilizing Bitget Spot Copy Trading Function wisely will significantly impact your returns; thus, followers should consider the quality of Traders and market trends and save time when trading crypto. Also, depending on individual preferences, Copiers may experiment with various trading strategies, currency pairs, or stock-picking options that align with their skillset, investment portfolio, or profit objectives. By following this practical guide, followers can enjoy exceptional gains and avoid the potential loss of capital or time without compromising quality or quantity.

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