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Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView!

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView!

Do you like our integration with TradingView? If you enjoy trading on Bitget and making a good profit, or if you are happy with the seamless experience, spread your word to support Bitget by rating us on TradingView today!

TradingView is a charting and social media network that is loved by more than 50 million+ traders and investors worldwide. If you haven't tried using TradingView, perhaps you should! Check out our guide here.

Bringing The Community Closer

The community in the cryptocurrency world can be pretty close-knit! You might wonder, why should I do reviews? Your valuable insights can actually help to achieve a few great things:

  • With reviews, you can encourage participation so more people can know and learn about crypto through us.

  • Reviews are like popcorn; you would need more! You can be the direction for other users to know whether the platform is reliable.

  • Let everyone hear from you. If you want to share some personal experience, this is a good way for them to notice you.

By helping the trading community to make informed decisions, you can do your part by helping to build up a healthier crypto circle. Also, it matters to us so we can know what you think and see how we can serve you better.

How Can I Leave a Review?

  1. First, sign in to your TradingView account.

  2. In the search bar on top, under the People tab, search Bitget. Be sure to select Bitget with the "Broker" label. Or, quickly enter Bitget page via this link.

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView! image 0

You will have to look for Bitget's official broker account under “People” tab

3. Once you are on Bitget page, under the Reviews tab, click on the number of stars you want to give in your rating.

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView! image 1

Besides giving reviews, you can view all reviews from other users in this section

4. A pop-out window will appear. Write down what you think about Bitget, then select Leave a Review.

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView! image 2

Write down your thoughts and publish them!

In order to successfully complete the review, you will need your own API key. Read on to find out how you can do it in just 2 minutes.

How Do I Create My Own API Key?

1. Click on your profile photo, and select API keys from the drop down. Or, you can simply access it from here.

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView! image 3

Select API keys to start creating your own API keys today

2. In the API keys interface, select Create API key, and choose System-generated API key.

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView! image 4

Choose “System-generated API key” and proceed

3. In the pop-out window, enter the details and choose Read-write for permissions (You will need that in order to use functions in TradingView, such as Bot trading).

Loving Bitget? Share Your Thoughts On TradingView! image 5

Choose “read-write” to trade seamlessly on TradingView

Note: In order to keep your assets safe and sound, be sure to remember your passphrase and DO NOT let others know your keys.

4. You will enter the security verification stage by entering the code from your email or mobile. Complete the verification to get your key.

5. Once it’s generated, copy the details to TradingView, and you are good to go! If you wish to edit the details, you can always go back to the API keys interface.

Leave a review now!

Thanks for Trusting Bitget!

Starting from 2018, we have strived to ensure all users can enjoy a fuss-free crypto trading experience. Aside from the extensive features we offer, there are 3 more reasons why you should trust us:

Biggest copy trading platform

With more than 120,000+ elite traders who are ready to elevate your trading journey, copy trading has never been so intuitive and easy.

For elite traders: Our recent release - Private mode on copy trading, can help you to manage your followers better with customizable features such as trading bot protection, customizable profit sharing, and more!

Your security is our priority

We value all Bitgetters and your assets, so we have established a US$300 million protection fund to ensure your assets are in good hands.

Supports more than 580+ cryptocurrencies

Find every cryptocurrency you need in one place. We also actively list hot and new tokens; one recent example is BRC-20 token RATS, and there is more to come!

Excited to Let Your Friends Know? Earn While You Refer!

Do you know that introducing friends to join Bitget can grant you rewards up to 9,000 USDT?

All you need to do is get them to sign up and start trading, and you can sit back to watch trade coupons flow! Find out the details today at our Referral Program.

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