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Futures Copy Trading Versus Bot Copy Trading (for Strategists)

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Futures Copy Trading Versus Bot Copy Trading (for Strategists)
Welcome to the next level of trading with Bitget!
Today, we're exploring Futures Copy Trading and Bot Copy Trading.
If you're an advanced trader, this is for you.
Starting your journey is simple.
Apply for the platform of your choice and, once approved, you're ready to trade!
Now let's dive into the differences.
[Revenue model] In Futures Copy Trading, you earn a share of the profits you make for your followers.
On the other hand, Bot Copy Trading lets you set your own subscription fees, offering flexibility. Plus, there's a bonus – you can also make money from the bots you create and sell.
Both models offer great options to boost your earnings!
[Follower and subscriber options] With Bot Copy Trading, you're open to unlimited subscribers, making it easier to expand your audience.
Meanwhile, Futures Copy Trading sets a follower limit, streamlining management for a focused approach.
[Investment choices] In Bot Copy Trading, you can invest any amount, giving you lots of freedom!
Futures Copy Trading, however, has set investment guidelines, perfect for traders who prefer a more structured approach.
Ready to elevate your trading game? Trade smarter today!