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Bitget Wallet Supports Avalanche Token to Facilitate On-Chain Swap

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Bitget Wallet Supports Avalanche Token to Facilitate On-Chain Swap

As a world-leading Web3 trading wallet, Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep Wallet) has recently added support for tokens on the Avalanche chain on Bitget Swap, the wallet's integrated swap feature. Following this integration, users will be able to view real-time candlestick chart data as well as detailed on-chain transaction information on both their mobile and browser extension wallets. Users will be able to view important metrics such as transaction records, as well as capital and liquidity flow. Further, users can also view leaderboards for tokens on the Avalanche blockchain, gleaming comprehensive insights on the chain's market performance.

Bitget Wallet has aggregated over 10 leading trading protocols on Avalanche, including Trader Joe, SushiSwap V2, and 1inch. By building cross-chain bridges and integrating protocols like Swft and Bungee, it supports same-chain and cross-chain transactions for Avalanche mainnet tokens, offering users a fast, convenient, and gas-free on-chain trading experience.

Bitget swap currently supports around 30 blockchains and integrates hundreds of popular DEXs and cross-chain bridges. Having pioneered useful trading features such as gas-free transactions and automatic slippage adjustment, users can expect to easily trade any assets on any blockchain and enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

Always at the forefront of industry innovation, Bitget Wallet was the first to introduce on-chain market data functionality. Based on full-chain DEX trading data, it provides candlestick market data and continuously optimizes its technology to enhance the overall user experience. The current intelligent market data feature includes full-chain market overview, allowing users to overview the macro dynamics of the market and hot sectors; a multi-dimensional market rankings, offering data on hot, new, and potential tokens across the chain, as well as price fluctuation and trading lists. It also boasts a new 'Smart Money' feature which identifies and tracks thousands of historically high-performing 'Smart Money' addresses, revealing the trading directions of professional investors and whales. These features enable users to discover new assets and capture trading opportunities in the crypto market earlier, leveraging battle-tested trading strategies to make well-informed trading decisions.

About Bitget Wallet (Web3 Trading Wallet)

Bitget Wallet, formerly known as BitKeep, stands as Asia's largest and global frontrunner among all-in-one Web3 multi-chain wallets. We offer a comprehensive range of on-chain products and DeFi services to our users, including wallet functionality , Swap feature , NFT trading , DApp browsing , and more.

With a 5-year legacy, Bitget Wallet has garnered acclaim from over 15 million users worldwide and has secured partnerships with prominent industry leaders including Bitcoin , Ethereum , TRON , BNB Chain , Solana , Base , and others. This success stems from our commitment to consistently delivering secure and convenient products and services.

In March 2023, Bitget, a leading crypto derivatives trading platform made a substantial $30 million investment in BitKeep, acquiring a controlling stake. Following this strategic move, BitKeep underwent a transformative and strategic brand evolution in August, officially rebranding itself as Bitget Wallet.

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