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Bitget Product Updates (September 15)

Bitget Product Updates (September 15)

In a continuous effort to refine and enhance the trading experience on Bitget, the world's leading crypto trading platform, we are dedicated to advancing the functionality and security features to cater to our diverse user base. Our commitment to fostering greater transparency and facilitating seamless access to elite trader data stands steadfast. Below, we detail the recent updates and enhancements rolled out in early September to further streamline user interactions with our platform:

Introduction of the Margin Account PnL Analysis Page

A novel addition to our platform is the Margin Account PnL Analysis page. This feature facilitates a comprehensive view of various data points including daily PnL, total PnL, assets, and liabilities of both cross and isolated margin accounts. Equipped with graph and chart visualization tools, it empowers users to conduct nuanced analyses and manage their assets efficiently. This feature is readily accessible via Bitget's website and mobile application. Please refer to the attached screenshot for guidance on locating your margin account PnL data.

Bitget Product Updates (September 15) image 0

Bitget Product Updates (September 15) image 1

Notification Feature on the Insights Page

To bolster community engagement on the Insights page, a notification feature has been incorporated. Users will now receive notifications for new followers, as well as likes and comments on their posts, fostering a dynamic and interactive user community on the Insights page.

Bitget Product Updates (September 15) image 2

Enhancements to the App Home Page

Optimization 1: We have introduced a streamlined dropdown menu in the Top elite traders section on the app's home page. This enhancement aids users in filtering and selecting elite traders based on criteria such as spot, futures, and bot, among others. The redesigned interface is both succinct and user-friendly, expediting the selection process for following a preferred elite trader.

Bitget Product Updates (September 15) image 3

Optimization 2: The newly established Earn Products section on the app's home page offers quick navigation to the Earn page, in addition to facilitating direct access and subscription to various Earn products. Current displays include options for flexible and fixed savings, alongside Launchpool.

Bitget Product Updates (September 15) image 4

User Profile Page Optimization

On the app's user profile page, we have integrated an address book feature, enabling users to manage both on-chain and internal transfer addresses effortlessly. Additionally, we invite you to explore a special feature available on the About Bitget page. Discover it by clicking on the Bitget brand logo.

Bitget Product Updates (September 15) image 5

System and Network Enhancements

To further enhance the platform's performance and network capabilities, we have implemented system optimizations to decrease resource usage. Concurrent efforts are underway to identify and alleviate network latency issues, fostering a smoother and more responsive trading experience.

Alongside these prominent updates, we have rectified several known issues and enhanced the user interface across various pages. We encourage users to download the latest version of the Bitget app to experience a secure and intelligent crypto trading environment.

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