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Bitget lists Rich Rabbit (RABBIT) tokens in Innovation Zone and Launchpool

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Bitget lists Rich Rabbit (RABBIT) tokens in Innovation Zone and Launchpool

Victoria, Seychelles, 9th January 2024 – Bitget, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company has announced the listing of Rich Rabbit's native token RABBIT a meme token trending as the next Dogecoin. The listing of RABBIT in the Innovation Zone allows users to easily trade WEB3 small cap tokens on the Bitget platform. To support new token listing, users can grab a share of 1,818,180 RABBIT with ongoing Launchpool promotions .

RABBIT is a space-themed meme coin, but aspires to become the premier crypto community for space enthusiasts. RABBIT collaborates with JDI, OneWeb, and Iridium to apply blockchain technology to space.

As the first meme coin based on mining for space exploration, Rich Rabbit ecosystem is committed to building decentralized wireless networks. The platform offers hardware and software products and services. Rich Rabbits is a hot spot manufacturer of helium miners and are working on offering applications that remotely manage IOT and 5G hotspots on blockchain.

"Emerging technologies can drive growth of research and development in space exploration and we're glad to bring more exposure to projects aiming towards the same. Bitget's launchpool is designed to give better accessibility to WEB3 users to capture small cap, high potential tokens, " said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget.

Bitget's innovation zone listing and launchpool promotion facilitate improved accessibility to promising projects, providing users with exclusive entry to highly valuable digital assets in the industry. The inclusion of RABBIT in Bitget's innovation zone helps users engage in the initial launch phases of the token.

Tailored for the trading of new token offerings, the innovation zone primarily focuses on the new (initial) listing of trending tokens. A 60-day valuation period is allotted for all newly listed pairs in the zone. Regular reviews of newly listed tokens are conducted to ensure compliance with Bitget’s platform standards, encompassing factors such as trading volume, liquidity, team, project development, and other criteria essential for maintaining active listing status.

Bitget users have the option to purchase trending and newly listed tokens, like RABBIT, using debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and various other multi-currency payment methods.

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