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Looking Back At Our Wonderful Journey: Bitget Turns 5!

Looking Back At Our Wonderful Journey: Bitget Turns 5!

It's been five years since a group of traditional finance experts and innovators decided to bring about the change for the digital space by adhering to Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideology of creating a fairer and more democratic financial system. Bitget has set in motion a grand scheme of innovation and revolution - starting with the introduction of the market’s first USDT-Ⓜ Futures products then the first-ever crypto copy trading product named Bitget One-Click Copy Trade!

Let’s take a look back and celebrate this spectacular adventure with us. Spoiler alert: Keep reading until the very end to know how to collect your exclusive presents!

Our Name Means Making Crypto Accessible To Everyone From Everywhere

Inspired by the story of the Phoenix reborn from its ashes, Bitget came into life amid the bear market of 2018 with the conviction that it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies become an integral part of the global financial system. The name Bitget is a combination of ‘Bit' in ‘Bitcoin' and ‘get’, meaning that our mission from the very beginning is always to advocate for the mainstream crypto adoption, because the world needs ‘an electronic payment system based cryptographic proof instead of trust’, as said by Satoshi Nakamoto himself in the Bitcoin White Paper.

With our wide range of products and an intuitive UI/UX, Bitget has helped more than 20 million users from 100 countries and regions worldwide access the digital world. In July 2022, we rolled out our US$200 million Bitget Protection Fund as part of our user-centric approach and thus became the first centralised exchange to put in determined efforts to safeguard users’ assets. After the demise of FTX, we increased the fund’s value to US$300 million with a commitment to maintain this value for three years to restore the market’s trust in centralised exchanges (CEXs). Even with the impressive progress in the decentralised finance (DeFi) sector, CEXs still make profound contributions to the crypto landscape in that we support the growth of new projects, maintain liquidity as well as onboarding the novice with our beginner-friendly design. Bitget is proud to be in the front line of this transition to absolute decentralisation, where the Bitget Protection Fund can be considered an accelerator of user adoption.

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Tend To Your Needs

At Bitget, everyone can find exactly what they are looking for, be it a trading product, an investment product, a DeFi service or a savings account. We have new trading pairs coming to Bitget Spot Trading and Bitget Spot Margin every week, airdrops and earning opportunities via BGB Zone, Bitget Savings, Bitget Shark Fin, Bitget Dual Investment, Bitget Range Sniper, Bitget Smart Trend, Bitget Snowball, Bitget Launchpad, Bitget Launchpool and Bitget CandyBomb. To help enable more opportunities, we have recently introduced Bitget Crypto Loans, where anyone can deposit either BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC or BCH as collateral to borrow 15+ assets.

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Bringing DeFi-native activities, including staking, farming, swap to Bitget, integrating the self-custody wallet Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep) and supporting committed builders are among our many ways of contributing to the overall growth of crypto and Web3. If you, however, are seeking the next blue-chip cryptocurrency, then look no further than BGB. It’s the best-performing CEX token in 2023 so far and the only CEX token to establish an all-time high this year in February at US$0.515241 (+781% from the issue price of US$0.0585). The number of BGB holders has exceeded 305,000 and continued to rise, especially when holding BGB means having the privilege to take part in multiple activities on Bitget, including Bitget Launchpad (hold BGB to get exclusive access to highly anticipated IEOs), Bitget Launchpool (stake BGB to earn new, promising project tokens for free), Bitget Lottery (hold BGB to win prizes in BGB every day), BGB Earn (generate more BGB from your current holdings and/or secure the opportunity to buy BGB at discounted prices), Bitget VIP Program, GroupCoin (hold BGB to get the chance to purchase staple cryptocurrencies at special prices), Vote-To-List (hold BGB to decide whether the project will be listed on the exchange and get rewards for your participation), the transaction fee discount program (a direct 20% off from spot fees), futures trading rewards, free withdrawals (for the first withdrawal of the day) and profit sharing (for registered traders on Bitget Copy Trade to increase their commissions of up to 10% of their followers' profits).

Bitget Collect2Earn

As part of the celebration, we are about to open Bitget Collect2Earn, a special card collection event, for all Bitget users on September 12, 2023 at 10:00 AM (UTC). Users will complete tasks to receive one component card daily, and upon receiving the five different component cards, one for each year from 2018 to 2022, they can merge them together to create the 2023 card and share the prize pool of US$50,000!

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The component cards

Looking Back At Our Wonderful Journey: Bitget Turns 5! image 3

The 2023 card

The number of component cards to be generated, without any condition, upon registering for the event will correspond to the user’s account age, for example an user from 2018 will receive 5 component cards or an user from 2021 will receive 2 component cards upon registration. After successful registration, component cards will be generated when participants complete tasks such as 50 USDT recharge (via bank deposit, on-chain deposit, P2P, third-party payment or credit card/debit card), make a spot transaction of at least 100 USDT and make a futures transaction of at least 1,000 USDT. One component card will be given away for free everyday.

The brilliance of this event is participants can deliberately give and receive the component cards with one another; that is, if one has two 2019 cards and wants to share it with their friend who needs the exact card, their friend can receive the spare card immediately by clicking on the QR code shared by this one!

This is the summarised guide to participate in the Bitget Collect2Earn event:
Step 1: Click the Join button

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Step 2: Receive the free component cards corresponding to your account age

Step 3: Collect 01 (one) free component card daily

Step 4: Complete daily tasks to receive more component cards

Step 5: Merge five component cards of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 to create the 2023 card and share the prize pool!

Join the Bitget Collect2Earn event HERE!

Please note that:

• Bitget does not recommend buying and selling the component cards. We take no responsibilities for losses caused by such transactions;

• Bitget does not limit the number of component cards to be gifted;

• If multiple users share the same IP address, rewards will be distributed for the first user to register using this IP address;

• Cheating and other behaviours that do not comply with our rules and/or affect the fairness of the event are strictly prohibited. If we detect any of those behaviours, the user responsible for that will be disqualify from this event immediately;

• Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of these terms and conditions, and the right to, at any time, change all or any part of the event and/or the event rules as it deems fit and without notice. It is the participants’ responsibility to keep themselves informed of these changes, if any.

The Party Doesn’t End Here

The special card collection is of course not the only celebration event for Bitget's 5-year anniversary! Brace yourselves for a big crypto feast and subscribe to the latest events here. We thank you for your continued support throughout these years and promise to deliver even greater products and services onward. After all, Bitget has never ceased to amaze, haven’t we?