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A Comprehensive Guide To Bot Copy Trading

Trading bots
A Comprehensive Guide To Bot Copy Trading

What is bot copy trading?

Bitget bot copy trading offers a vast array of high-quality bots. They assist you with 24-hour arbitrage, automatically buying low and selling high.
Copy trading was never this easy and hassle-free!

How do I copy trade?

Buy a bot: Buy a bot of your choice and copy the bot parameters automatically. There are also some free bots immediately available.
Subscribe to a strategist: Just pay the subscription fee, and you can copy all the bots of the strategist within 30 days.

What are the benefits you can enjoy when copying bot?

  1. User friendly: Simply select the bot type and investment amount when copying bots—No complicated setups required.
  2. Access to a multitude of free high-quality bots and achieve no threshold copy trading.
  3. No profit sharing is required for all copy trades since you hold 100% profits.
  4. Top performing bots recommend from diverse angles to keep up with m arket trends, which enables users to select bots in a second.
  5. Bots must meet certain returns to publish and the bot pool only provides high-quality bots with positive returns.
  6. Subscribe to strategists:
✅ Eliminate emotional bias.
✅ Capture trading opportunities 24/7.
✅ Have the same entry and exit points as the top experts.
✅ Trading like a seasoned expert Earn worry-free profits with top copy trading bots.