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Become an elite trader, enjoy 10% profit, and earn 800 USDT

Become an elite trader, enjoy 10% profit, and earn 800 USDT
Bitget is recruiting elite traders. Join the other 100,000 Bitget elite traders who have earned over US$350,000,000! Enjoy up to 10% in profit share now. Boost your profit share and win up to 800 USDT in rewards with no staking required.
Become an elite trader, enjoy 10% profit, and earn 800 USDT image 0
Eligible participants: new elite traders during the promotion.
Event start time: May 30, 2023, 18:00 (UTC+8)
How to join: Register for the promotion -> Apply to be an elite trader -> Complete tasks to get rewards.
🔥 Promotion 1: Become an elite trader and win 800 USDT
Requirements Rewards (USDT)
Followers Minimum elite trade duration
≥ 100 12 days 800 USDT
≥ 50 10 days 500 USDT
≥ 20 8 days 300 USDT

  1. Unlock corresponding USDT rewards based on your number of followers and your elite trade duration within 15 days of registration. Rewards cannot be combined, and only the highest reward will be given.
  2. Each of your followers must have made at least one copy trade.

📣 Promotion 2: Get a higher profit share without staking
Requirements Reward: profit sharing without staking Reward: maximum number of followers
Total profit Followers
≥ 3,000 USDT 500 10% 1,000

  1. Elite traders must have a profit of at least 3000 USDT and 500 followers to enjoy a 10% profit share after registration (no BGB staking needed for 60 days).
  2. Profit share with no staking required: 60 days
  3. Each of your followers must have made at least one copy trade.

How to become an elite trader?
  1. Go to the copy trading page and select Apply.
  2. After your application is approved, go to Copy trading -> My orders -> Personal settings to complete the required settings before making your trades. (You’ll be notified of your approval through notifications or email)
  3. Start making elite trades after you’ve completed your settings.
*If you want to get a higher profit share by staking BGB, contact our customer service.
Additional information
-General requirements:
(1) To be a spot or futures elite trader, you can’t have open positions, trailing stop orders or trigger orders in your futures or spot account (including demo trading accounts).
(2) You’re not following other elite traders.
(3) You can only sign up for one elite trader account.
-To be displayed on the elite traders list:
(1) Futures traders must have at least 500 USDT in their futures account, while spot traders must have at least 100 USDT in their spot account.
(2) Have at least one futures or spot copy trade on the Bitget platform.
*Note: the elite traders list will be updated hourly.
-Profit share:
(1) Profit share rules
Elite trader profit share is based on the amount of locked-up BGB. A maximum of 10% of the followers’ profits can be gained as profit share.
Lock-up requirements: 4% for 1000 BGB, 6% for 2000 BGB, 8% for 3000 BGB and 10% for 4000 BGB.
(2) How to lock up BGB?
Contact customer service for the amount of BGB you want to lock up. It will be completed within five working days.
Find out more information here:
  1. Eligibility: You must (1) complete KYC verification, (2) sign up to Bitget as an elite trader and (3) register for the promotion with your main account.
  2. Rewards are calculated on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  3. The validity for elite traders to get 10% profit share with no staking is 60 days. Users who have joined this promotion previously will not be eligible for such benefits. The reward will then be automatically converted to 500 BGB and distributed.
  4. In the event of cheating, using multiple accounts for rewards, or other illegal, unethical or suspicious behavior, Bitget reserves the right to disqualify the user and forfeit their rewards.
  5. Bitget reserves the right to amend or revise this event's terms or cancel it at any time, for any reason, without prior notice, at their sole discretion Contact us if you have any questions.