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Smarter Trading with Bitget: Spot & Futures Grid Trading

Smarter Trading with Bitget: Spot & Futures Grid Trading

For Bitget traders to conveniently place orders in a preset price frame, Bitget has launched Grid Trading from the very first days. Let's learn about Grid Trading for Spot and Futures on Bitget.

What's Bitget Grid Trading and its Advantages?

Grid Trading is a method where traders place a series of buy and sell orders around a preset price range. This will form an "invisible net" to "catch" trade orders according to preset rules; above orders with ascending prices and below orders with descending prices. This method is quite common in traditional financial markets and is usually implemented by trading bots. Grid Trading strategy has been well-established and proven in various markets, particularly the foreign currency markets (forex). The Bitget Team created the automated method and successfully incorporated it into the platform, allowing our customers to profit from the volatility of crypto assets.

In this method, traders place a series of buy and sell orders around a predetermined value to form a grid of orders with ascending and descending prices to profit when the market moves sideways. The essence of this method is to take advantage of it to make a profit even if the market is not volatile. Grid trading is lucrative in volatile markets because it eliminates the need for traders to sit continually in front of a screen and forecast the next price direction. It makes extensive use of the market's natural fluctuations during calm periods.

Advantages for Bitgetters in our Bitget platform:

  • This method can help you make a profit when the market is sideways. At the same time, it also helps to minimize the risk of avoiding significant losses during high volatility in the market. In addition, you will make regular profits if you automate trading with bots. All you need to do is define the price zone, and the bot will take care of the rest.

  • Besides, you can implement this strategy quickly, even without bots. Because Bitget supports this feature and you can also do it manually easily.

  • Another advantage is that this method is quite suitable for crypto simply because the crypto market has an extensive range of volatility even sideways.

Bitget allows users to take advantage of all the valuable features in Spot and Futures trading.

Spot Grid Trading

We realize that our consumers desire to maximize profits by combining multiple trading approaches. For this reason, we concentrated on improving Bitget Spot Grid Trading. Our team is ready to support users regardless of the time of day with the user's interests first. We always listen to users' opinions and improve our products to serve users with the best experience on the exchange.

Step-by-step Spot Grid Trading instructions with Bitget

Bitget exchange always has a roadmap for users to learn about product features and optimize user transactions. This introduction will show how to plan your Grid Trading strategy and the actions you may take to use Grid Trading on Bitget.

Futures Grid Trading

The Grid Trading Strategy's fundamental concept is to buy low and sell high. Remember that the Futures Grid Going Method works best when the asset trades sideways - the bot will regularly pair buy and sell orders inside a trader's desired price range.

Who may benefit from Futures Grid Trading?

  • Short sellers

  • Traders wanting to utilize Margin Trading and traders with low-risk appetite

  • Traders who don't want to stay in front of their monitor 24/7

  • Beginners

Guide to Bitget Futures Grid Trading


This article has introduced the basics of the Grid Trading method, which is easy to use and does not require traders to have high technical skills or the ability to predict the market. However, you should only exalt these trading methods and apply them sometimes. The important thing is to understand and know how to use trading methods to suit reality.

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