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Maximizing Your Profits: Investing 10,000 BGB in Bitget Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX

Maximizing Your Profits: Investing 10,000 BGB in Bitget Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX

2024-04-22 | 5m

Bitget Launchpool and Launchpad are among the most popular no-risk arbitrage options for users, thanks to their straightforward design, ease of use, and clear profitability. Whenever a new project is launched on Launchpool or Launchpad, many users quickly participate. This activity not only temporarily boosts the price of BGB but also enhances profits through gains in BGB value and the tokens mined, further expanded by the introduction of PoolX.

Each of these platforms serves a unique purpose and offers different benefits, but which one provides the highest return on investment? This article explores the nuances of each product and helps you determine where to allocate your resources for maximum gains.

Understanding Bitget Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX

Launchpool, often linked with staking or liquidity mining, allows users to lock up tokens in exchange for new ones. It became particularly popular during the DeFi summer craze as a form of yield farming. Launchpad, on the other hand, centers around initial coin offerings (IEOs), providing early access to new tokens. Both Launchpool and Launchpad fundamentally operate on staking tokens to acquire new tokens. PoolX is like a mini-version of Launchpool, offering more frequent launches but in smaller volumes, which provides continuous staking opportunities.

If a user invests 10,000 BGB in Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX, which will yield higher returns? Let's test it out, shall we?

If you invest 10,000 BGB, which product tops the chart?

Starting with Launchpad, although no new projects have launched this year, looking back at 2023, we see impressive results. According to ChainCatcher, since its inception, Bitget Launchpad has delivered returns over 25 times on projects such as PandaFarm (BBO) and the latest T2T2, highlighted by CryptoRank as having the highest average ROI of 41.9 times among top platform Launchpads.

Maximizing Your Profits: Investing 10,000 BGB in Bitget Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX image 0

In other words, if you invested 10,000 BGB in these projects this year, you could have averaged a 41 times return—a staggering figure. This ROI refers only to the returns from project tokens, not including gains from BGB appreciation. Essentially, if you win a spot, the average peak return from tokens will exceed the gains from holding BGB. The more BGB you invest, the greater your chances of winning a spot, and the higher your potential returns.

In the last six months, the highest ROI for a single pool on Bitget Launchpool reached an astonishing 6.59%, with the highest annualized return at 329%, and an overall average annualized return of 146%. If you invest 10,000 BGB in these projects, the average annualized return is 146%. Although it seems less than IEOs, Launchpool's advantage lies in its higher frequency of new projects—nine projects launched in just five months, averaging two per month.

Maximizing Your Profits: Investing 10,000 BGB in Bitget Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX image 1

IEOs offer higher absolute returns, whereas the consistent project rollout makes Launchpool an attractive option for regular investors.

PoolX, the mini-version of Launchpool, features higher project launch numbers and frequency. Since its first project on April 8, Bitget PoolX has launched nine projects, almost daily launches with returns ranging from 16% to 22%. This means users can participate in staking in PoolX daily, achieving significant cumulative returns with the same investment of 10,000 BGB.

Maximizing Your Profits: Investing 10,000 BGB in Bitget Launchpool, Launchpad, and PoolX image 2

The Overlooked Aspect of BGB Returns

Whether it's Launchpool, Launchpad, or PoolX, the key lies in the tokens used for staking/liquidity mining. Initially, many CEXs opted to stake BTC, ETH, or stablecoins for participating in Launchpool and Launchpad. During this process, fluctuations in Bitcoin or Ethereum could result in token gains not covering losses from BTC or ETH price drops during the same period, potentially leading to no profits or even losses for users.

Recognizing this, CEXs shifted to using their own tokens for staking, thus stabilizing the win-win situation. Since last year, BGB has reached new highs seven times (yes, you read it right, seven times). At the beginning of 2023 (January 1), BGB was priced at just $0.18 and grew 282.8% in less than a year. This year, Bitget continued to thrive, not only in trading volume but also in wealth effects from products like Launchpool, with BGB prices reaching new ATHs at $1.38 multiple times. In other words, even without participating in any Launchpad, simply holding 10,000 BGB tokens would have yielded a six-fold return.


Each product—Launchpad, Launchpool, and PoolX—has distinct advantages. Launchpad offers the highest returns per project but with less frequency. PoolX provides more frequent launches with moderate returns, and Launchpool balances the two with fairly high returns and more regular opportunities. Investors can choose based on their preference for return frequency and project availability, making each of these platforms a viable option for risk-free investment products and profit opportunities.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products and services discussed or investment, financial, or trading advice. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.