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Hold the Metaverse in Your Hands with METAHOT Index Futures

Hold the Metaverse in Your Hands with METAHOT Index Futures

The rapid development of the metaverse concept has captured the attention of both the crypto industry and mainstream audiences. This idea of a shared virtual space that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and social interactions gives everyone an alternate dimension where they can talk, play, and even have jobs.

As the world’s largest crypto copy trading platform and top 5 crypto derivatives exchange, Bitget is proud to launch METAHOT, an index futures product tracking the hottest assets in the metaverse sector, providing a simple and effective broad market exposure to the fast-growing metaverse space to all traders on Bitget.

New to index futures? Check out this article for a detailed guide on Bitget Index Futures and all related questions that you may come across.

What is METAHOT?

METAHOT is an index futures product exclusively traded on Bitget. Combining major and potential metaverse tokens based on their market cap in a basket, it is an important indicator of the overall performance and trend of the metaverse sector. At the time of its launch, METAHOT consists of major representative tokens like ENJ, SAND, YGG, etc.

Bitget will make adjustments to these tokens and weights based on market conditions. You can click on ‘Component Info.’ on this page to see METAHOT’s constituents at any time.


How to trade METAHOT?

Trading METAHOT is as simple as it gets:

Sign up or log in to your Bitget account.

Click on this link or search for ‘METAHOT’ on our futures trading page.

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Place long or short orders based on your knowledge and predictions.

That’s it! The vast potential of the metaverse is now in your hands!


Closing thoughts

Constructed from the idea of providing diversified exposure to multiple leading and potential metaverse projects, METAHOT opens the door to the metaverse world for all traders on Bitget. This index allows investors to speculate on this track’s overall performance and protects you against violent fluctuations of individual tokens. In the right hands, it will be as much as a golden goose as it is a powerful risk hedger.

METAHOT index is another step Bitget has taken towards an easy, accessible, and friendly trading experience. A one-stop solution to invest in the metaverse market with lower risks and costs, it is also Bitget’s demonstration of our vision and capability to innovate and elevate your crypto trading experience. Bitget will continue exploring and developing new trading products to offer its users the best trading experience.

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