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Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) Inspires Decentralization with Tibetan Buddhism

Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) Inspires Decentralization with Tibetan Buddhism

Dejitaru Tsuka aims to be a truly decentralized project with no token sale, no dev wallet, and no tax. The project was created by the elusive founder of SHIB and was first listed on a major exchange in September 2022 by Bitget. Even though the project is shrouded in mystery and ciphers, what it has achieved is nothing short of legendary.

The Cryptic Beginning of Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA)

At the end of May 2022, the founder of SHIB deleted his posts on social media and changed the profile picture to a picture of a highly-regarded Tibetan figure named Milarepa. Around the same time, a token with the ticker TSUKA was launched on Ethereum, and its developer left a bunch of cryptic messages on the blockchain implying past incidents and religions as the solutions. All the messages are recorded on this Telegram channel.

After rigorous decoding from various unicode strings and enigmatic English sentences with odd syntax patterns, the community figures out that the TSUKA token is a new creation of Ryoshi and discovers the vision of the project.

First, let's talk about the name Dejitaru Tsuka. "Dejitaru" is Japanese for digital, and Tsuka implies Tsangnyön Heruka, who is the author of two Tibetan Buddhism classics written about Milarepa.

Milarepa is one of the most famous yogis and spiritual figures in Tibetan Buddhism. His life-story is known by most in Tibet through the books written by Tsangnyön Heruka. It can be said that Tsangnyön Heruka is to Milarepa what Plato is to Socrates. It is told that Milarepa was born to a rich family in Tibet, but became poor after the relatives betrayed his family and took all of the fortune. Then Milarepa studied black magic to kill all of those relatives. Even though his family was delighted that they had their revenge, Milarepa went through a crisis of conscience. So he followed Tibetan Buddhist masters and trained vigorously until he achieved a high level of enlightenment called Siddha. The story of Milarepa is so inspiring that he continues to set an example and teach people worldwide even after his death.

The theme of redemption, metamorphosis, community, and high virtues throughout Milarepa's story allegedly coincides with Ryoshi's personal journey in developing blockchain projects. It is speculated that is the reason why Ryoshi adopted the image of Milarepa to reflect his vision to build a better decentralized protocol.

TSUKA Tokenomics

The project does not have any whitepaper, token sale, transaction tax, or dev wallet. Only $3000 was provided as liquidity for 1 billion tokens at the start.

Humble Beginning and Community-Focused Vision Heralding Exponential Growth

Following the theme of Tibetan Buddhism, the community is called "sangha" (meaning community in Sanskrit and Pali) and they believe in positivity, meditation, and research. Also, their ideal is to unite collectively to help one another and bring each individual to a new height.

With these empowering visions and decentralized approach, TSUKA has gained magnificent achievements even though the project virtually has nothing on its official website. After merely 6 months, Dejitaru Tsuka's official Twitter acquires 21k followers. Even more impressive, the market cap went up 19,833 times, from $3,000 to $59.5 million, while the price rocketed from $0.000003 to $0.2474 at all-time high.

As a community-driven project, Dejitaru Tsuka has no preset roadmap. But judging from the massive success of SHIB and the wish to better the latter project of the creator, we may anticipate incredible growth for TSUKA.

Bitget is among the earliest to realize the potential of Dejitaru Tsuka in the decentralization movement. That's why we are the first major exchange to list TSUKA.

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