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Bitget Wallet - Your Ultimate Gateway Into the Future

Bitget Wallet - Your Ultimate Gateway Into the Future

As a global leading crypto exchange, Bitget is proud to introduce the latest member in our family: Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep), a non-custodial wallet boasting over 12 million users worldwide across mobile and desktop. Supporting over 90 blockchains with integrated DEX and NFT markets, Bitget Wallet is the ultimate multi-chain wallet and an all-in-one platform for all Web3 dwellers.

Your keys, your coins, your identity

As a non-custodial wallet, Bitget Wallet does everything to protect your assets. With our $300 million protection fund, your assets will be safer than ever. We also employ our own encryption algorithm and work with established blockchain security firms such as Certik and GoPlus to help you traverse the crypto world with ease and confidence.

There’s more. With BSTB (’B’ Soulbound Token - Buddy), anyone can acquire their on-chain decentralized identity that grants exclusive perks and rewards such as airdrops and NFT whitelists.

Swap anything, anywhere

As the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve and grow, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have gained immense popularity with their emphasis on inclusiveness and convenience. Bitget Wallet takes this concept one step further with Bitget Swap, a DEX aggregator that includes over 100 major DEXs, automatically picks the best route for you, supports limit orders and futures trading, and has been audited by established blockchain security firms.

Bitget Wallet also saves you heaps of time looking up chains trying to purchase lesser-known coins. With our GASU token, you can pay your gas fee for any blockchain in Bitget Wallet.

Experience NFTs like never before

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have captivated the world with their unique value propositions for creators and collectors. With its integrated NFT marketplace, Bitget Wallet brings all the hottest NFT collections to you. You can purchase NFTs on any blockchain effortlessly with any asset and list them on all popular marketplaces with just one click. We have also been scouting for quality collections and offer free mint passes to our users.

Beyond the frontier with Launchpad

We also do that with fungible tokens. Investing in early-stage crypto projects can be a daunting task, rife with uncertainty and risk. Bitget Wallet aims to change this narrative by offering users a chance to invest in the latest and hottest crypto projects. These cherry-picked tokens offer unique potential to investors and will become great additions or even evolutions for the crypto landscape.

A world of possibilities

Although blockchain and cryptocurrency have flourished for over a decade, treading through it has never been an easy feat. Tens of thousands of decentralized applications (dApps) are scattered across hundreds of layer-1s and layer-2s. To access a dApp, you have to find out which chain it’s on, find or create a wallet, and deposit some coins to pay for gas fees before you can interact with it.

With its built-in dApp browser, Bitget paves an all-in-one gateway into the entire crypto world. You can now access any dApp in Bitget Wallet without worrying about switching between networks or paying gas fees. Simply sign in with your signature, and the wonderful world of crypto will unfold in your palm.

True borderless finance

Unlike traditional financial institutions built in walled gardens and protected by layers of inspections and restrictions, the world of crypto and blockchain is without borders. Whether you are located in underbanked regions or the middle of the Pacific Ocean, as long as you have Internet access, this world will be open to you 24/7.

Bitget Wallet grants you once-and-for-all access to the crypto realm and lets you take the helm of your financial destiny. You can now join millions of users worldwide and experience inclusive and KYC-free decentralized finance in its full glory - swapping, trading, and transacting on any blockchain on your own terms, without any intermediary.

A brand new chapter

With a $30 million investment and taking over as the controlling stakeholder, Bitget has expanded even further into the Web3 landscape with Bitget Wallet as the latest building block, offering both centralized and decentralized financial services. Bitget will take this opportunity and strive towards the go-to destination for everything crypto.

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