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$300M Bitget Protection Fund to Protect User's Assets

$300M Bitget Protection Fund to Protect User's Assets

2022-10-04 | 5m

Bitget prioritizes your safety and trust on our trading platform. We have taken a proactive approach to enhance your security and trust by establishing the self-funded Protection Fund. With this additional layer of security, you can confidently trade, knowing your assets are safeguarded. Here's everything you need to know about the Protection Fund!

What is the Bitget Protection Fund?

To ensure the utmost security and reliability for our users, Bitget has created a groundbreaking $300-million Protection Fund. This move comes as a testament to Bitget's unwavering commitment to providing its traders with a safe and trustworthy trading environment.

The Bitget Protection Fund, a first of its kind in the industry, boasts a substantial reserve of $300 million stored in publicly visible wallets. This reserve is readily available for instant deployment whenever the need arises, granting traders the assurance that their assets are fortified by an additional layer of security. You can check out the wallets that hold the fund here.

As part of Bitget's user-centric approach, the Protection Fund is designed to cover potential losses for users, provided such losses are not a result of any misconduct from the user or the platform itself. In such cases, traders can reach out to [email protected] within 30 days of the incident, and a thorough investigation will be conducted by the Bitget team to ensure fairness and security in the resolution process.

One remarkable feature of the Protection Fund is its long-term value security. With a three-year commitment, Bitget guarantees the preservation and maintenance of the fund's value throughout the specified period. This three-year commitment not only provides users with a sense of stability and reliability, but also showcases Bitget's dedication to fostering trust and confidence in the long run.

What Does the Fund Consist of?

The Bitget Protection Fund is an impressive financial reservoir, fortified with a diverse array of carefully chosen assets. The fund comprises a substantial allocation of 6,500 BTC, $120 million USDT, and $40 million USDC. Half of the fund is in prominent stablecoins to further insulate traders from market fluctuations and reduce volatility risks, offering an additional safety net that helps maintain financial equilibrium within the fund. By diversifying the assets within the Protection Fund, Bitget maintains the fund’s resilience and reinforces its ability to counteract potential risks and unforeseen market downturns, ensuring that users' assets remain secure over time.

Beyond its impressive monetary resources, what truly sets the Bitget Protection Fund apart is its self-sufficiency. Unlike traditional funds reliant on external financing, the Bitget Protection Fund is entirely self-funded. This unique characteristic grants the fund greater autonomy and efficiency, enabling rapid deployment of resources without bureaucratic hurdles or delays.

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