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Bitget One-Click Copy Trade To Offer Effortless, Affordable Trading To Korean Users

Bitget One-Click Copy Trade To Offer Effortless, Affordable Trading To Korean Users

Being the one to define Crypto Social Trading, Bitget has connected thousands of trading experts with eager crypto enthusiasts since 2020. It’s time for the regional crypto industry to fully integrate this emerging trading mechanism, thereby lowering the entry barriers for the novice trader to join the space.

Bitcoin, BTC, Crypto

These are the most searched crypto terms in SK in the first eight months of 2022. The average search interest for Bitcoin, BTC and Crypto, when combined, can easily surpass the popularity level of 76 out of 100, meaning that this topic has frequently been in discussion in the country, where Google is not even the most used search engine.

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Source: Google Trends

Opportunities For The Laymans: Bitget One-Click Copy Trade

Bitget One-Click Copy Trade was introduced in 2020, persistently boosting the crypto fever for the last two years. Designed to meet the needs of both professionals traders and crypto enthusiasts, Bitget Copy Trade provides a transparent and reliable trading environment, where ‘others win when you win’. Together, Bitget Copy Trade expert traders and followers have generated more than US$650 million from US$3.38 billion invested - that is a whopping 20% profit for everyone who participated.

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Of course, it would be remiss to not talk about the excellent performance of SK traders, who appear to be highly respected in the trader community for their knowledge and expertise in the field. In 2022 alone, the number of new Copy Trade Experts on Bitget has reached 52,000; to no surprise the number of newly registered experts from the region represents 15% of that figure.

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So far, the aggregated trading volume of Bitget users in Korea is recorded at US$904 billion. There are still four months to go; and Bitget 2022 volume for the region will definitely exceed the US$1 trillion mark. However, the most searched results on Naver, the number one search engine in South Korea, still describe an alarming situation for many locals: they don’t know how to begin trading.

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Source: Naver

Isn’t it exhausting to read a whole lengthy guideline, which does not at all provide any practical activity of trading? Of course knowledge is what helps traders thrive in the space, but it would be overwhelming for people with absolutely no prior trading experience. That’s why Korean users love Bitget One-Click Copy Trade; they can jump right in and collect hands-on trading skills by watching the expert traders closely. At the same time, even the complete beginner can earn some good income with this special trading mechanism.

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The ratio between Korean Copy Trade Followers (the ones who copy trades) and Korean Copy Trade Experts is currently standing at 47:1. One expert can help at least 47 peers and conveniently receive up to 8% of his/her followers’ profits. Win-win is guaranteed here: expert traders have the motivation to bring out their best moves whereas followers know that they can count on the seasoned ones to amplify their earnings.

There are two types of metrics that can be useful for picking out the most suitable Expert Traders on Bitget Copy Trade: followers’ general opinion (popularity, followers) or traders’ financial metrics (total equity, ROI, profit/loss ratio, win rate, AUM). Different traders will adopt different strategies; it’s up to the individual's desire and risk appetite to follow one single expert or create a personal strategy by following several traders at once.

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The Trusted Trading Platform

Officially recognised as a leader in the crypto derivatives market in terms of liquidity and global open interest, Bitget is extremely motivated to bring high-quality products to crypto users. Below are just a few amazing milestones Bitget has achieved:

- More than 2 million registered users from 50+ countries

- TOP 5 global crypto derivatives by volume and TOP 1 in copy trading by volume among all crypto exchanges

- 8.1 billions of USD in average daily trading volume

- Bitget receives an A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators, together with genuine appreciation from the crypto community, which is shown by 4.9 star ratings in both Google Play and App Store.

Bitget’s mission is to provide top-notch customer protection and seamless user experience by getting operational licence from three different authorities - the U.S., Canada and Australia while adhering to local regulations to conduct uninterrupted operations across the globe. One step ahead of the game, Bitget has just announced the new US$200 million Bitget Investor Protection Fund on August 1, 2022, which directly mitigates investors’ concerns of unforeseen volatility.

Varied Selections

There are more than 50 margin trading pairs available on Bitget, with new spot pairs constantly listed every week. From Spot Trading, Automatic Spot Grid Trading, and One-Click Copy Trade, Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures, Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures to Launchpad, each trader group can always find at least one befitting product.

Affordable Trading

Trading should be easy, but reasonable fees are of equal importance. Be it Spot Trading or Futures Trading, there are several options available for users to reduce trading costs, thereby allowing them to achieve more impressive returns.

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Bitget users are provided with margin trading, i.e. the opportunity to borrow equity and significantly increase their buying power. Users can take advantage of the maximum leverage of 125X to minimise the initial deposit, which is mainly referred to as the initial margin. Also, new users are welcomed with a US$4,163 bonus package - don’t forget to complete the simple task for free coupons and trial funds!

Take the following example: Peter, a market maker, Peter can contact the Bitget Team here to learn more about the Special Program for Korean VIP Users, which includes 200 USDT (ca. ₩261,300) in trial fund in addition to exclusive gifts, information and events. Now he wants to place a ₩65,000,000 (approximately US$50,000) Bitcoin long order on Bitget as a market maker, using USDT as margin collaterals. His trading plan can be summarised as follows:

USDT Trial Fund = 200 USDT ₩260,150

Minimum Initial Margin = ₩65,000,000 / 125 = ₩520,000

Trading Fees (for market maker) = ₩65,000,000 * 0.02% = ₩1,300,000

Actual Fee Payment = ₩1,300,000 - ₩260,150 = ₩1,039,850

Final Deposit = ₩520,000 + ₩1,039,850 = ₩1,559,850 (US$1,200)

Following the same approach, Adam will have the following final deposit for other exchanges:

Final Deposit For MEXC = ₩520,000 + ₩1,300,000 = ₩1,820,000 (US$1,400)

Final Deposit For Kucoin = ₩650,000 + ₩1,300,000 = ₩1,950,000 (US$1,500)

Final Deposit For Bybit = ₩650,000 + ₩650,000 = ₩1,300,000 (US$1,000)

Final Deposit For Binance = ₩520,000 + ₩1,300,000 = ₩1,820,000 (US$1,400)

One notable thing here is that Bitget’s markets are highly liquid, therefore traders have never had any problems trading as Makers. Makers may be forced to pay the Taker fees in less liquid markets. Hence, Peter can be certain of his final deposit on Bitget - it should be the best deal out of the five.

If Peter applies to be a Bitget Copy Trade Expert, he will receive 8% from his followers to further cut down on trading costs!

By The Locals, For The Locals

Bitget Team consists of crypto professionals from nearly 50 countries and regions, including a robust and energetic South Korean team. Deeply rooted in Korean culture, the team is available around the clock to help with any problems Korean users may encounter. Get support from Bitget anywhere, anytime, in your own language!

Visit these channels by Bitget Korean diehard fans: BGB Derivatives Fan Club BGB Enthusiasts Group. Ask your peers how fond they are of Bitget and Bitget One-Click Copy Trade - sign up in advance, and don’t be surprised at the good words!