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Bitget Bites (July 25, 2023)

Bitget Bites (July 25, 2023)

As of 3:30 AM (UTC),

The Global Market Cap: US$1.17 Trillion (-1.74%)


24-hour Volume: US$34.60 Billion (+43.00%)


Bitget Spot 24-hour Volume: US$150.48 Million (+50.90%)


Fear & Greed Index: 50/Neutral (Down From 55/Greed)


Spot Market Updates


Major cryptocurrencies:




24h High

24h Low

Price Change

Bitcoin (BTC)





Ethereum (ETH)





Bitget Token (BGB)






Top 3 Gainers:





24h High

24h Low

Price Change


No. 1






Public Goods, Privacy

No. 2







No. 3






DEX, Telegram Bot


Bitget Bites (July 25, 2023) image 0


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Futures Market Updates


As of 3:30 AM (UTC),


Crypto Futures Open Interest: $3.82 Billion (-0.15%)


Bitcoin Futures Market:


BTC Futures Open Interest: $2.55 Billion (-0.45%)


BTC Open Interest Dominance: 66.92%


Bitcoin Volume (24H): $136,729.80 (+23.35%)


Funding Rate: 0.0059%


BTC Long/Short Ratio: 48.98%/51.02%


Bitget Bites (July 25, 2023) image 1


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