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Bitget App Crypto Deposit Tutorial

Bitget App Crypto Deposit Tutorial
Depositing cryptocurrencies from external wallets into your account on Bitget through our app is quick and simple. You can find the instructions below:

Step 1

Log into your Bitget account, at the app main page, tap ' Add funds', then ' Deposit crypto'.
Bitget App Crypto Deposit Tutorial image 0

Step 2

Under the tab 'Crypto', you can select the type of coin and chain you’d like to deposit.
Bitget App Crypto Deposit Tutorial image 1
Please note: you must choose the same chain (ERC20, TRC20, BEP2, BEP20, etc.) on the platform from which you are withdrawing your crypto. Care should be taken, as selecting the wrong chain may result in losing your assets.

Step 3

After choosing your preferred token and chain, we will generate an address and a QR code. You can use either option to make a deposit.
Bitget App Crypto Deposit Tutorial image 2
With this information, you can then complete your deposit by confirming your withdrawal from your external wallet or third-party account.
Below are the example withdrawal screens from an external wallet.
Bitget App Crypto Deposit Tutorial image 3
  • Please note that any generated address will be specific to that cryptocurrency. Do not use that address for any other token.
  • For some cryptocurrencies, there will be a minimum deposit amount. Deposits of less than that threshold will not be approved.
  • Depositing crypto requires a series of network confirmations, and we will display how many are required for your chosen token.
  • Make sure your mobile is secure to protect your data.
After completing the deposit process, you can head to ' Asset' to view your crypto.
You can also check your deposit record by tapping the [bill] icon.
You can now start exploring spot futures trading, copy trading, as well as other incredible services in Bitget-Verse!